Atamate Analysis

What is building performance analysis?

Atamate Analysis is a charting tool for tracking building performance. You can plot any information captured by the Atamate system, allowing the owner or manager to see how the building is performing. Charts and reports can be created and used to demonstrate how the building is running or to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Atamate Analysis

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Data visualisation

Atamate Analysis is a simple tool that enables you to view charts about any element of the building. These can be produced as timelines, bar charts and pie charts as well as heatmaps. The information we capture can also be used to track building performance and management, showing occupancy in rooms against ventilation or cooling.

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Management reporting

Reports can be downloaded from the dashboard and can be used to show how one building is performing against another, or used to manage a large estate. This information can be delivered with context to stakeholders for faster, more informed decision-making.

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Regulation compliance

Water temperatures are monitored throughout a building via reports generated by Atamate Analysis. These reports (as well as Atamate controls) demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations, minimising the risk of legionella.

Applications for Atamate Analysis

  • Reviewing occupancy

    Heat maps showing occupancy in a meeting room or communal area are a great way to show how your building is being used. This information is gathered to better manage these areas, and can also be fed back into any on-going design reiterations to produce more effective buildings in future.

  • Cool down times

    In hotter climates, Atamate Analysis can be used to track cool down times for rooms and zones. This can then be plotted against external temperatures and used to set air conditioner timers, ensuring rooms are at a comfortable temperature when residents are in occupation but not keeping the systems running any longer than required.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Manage entry into individual rooms and/or buildings to improve security. Use Atamate Booking data to better manage your building and keep occupancy levels as high as possible. Integrate Atamate Booking with your iCal/Google Calendar so that you can set up meetings, invite colleagues and book resources straight from your calendar.

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