Atamate Booking

What is Atamate’s room booking system?

Whether you run an office, community building, hotel, Airbnb or worker accommodation, Atamate Booking will provide you with efficient, effective room management and control. From access management and building and residents’ security to indoor air quality and audiovisual services, Atamate has the solution.

Benefits of Atamate Booking


Simplify room management

Atamate’s room booking system allows you to book and manage your rooms with ease. Our fully-integrated solution will help you maximise usage, efficiency and collaboration. By linking the settings of a room or group of rooms, heating, cooling and lighting can be pre-set and initiated once a PIN is entered, automatically providing the internal environment that the user or resident wants. This minimises energy use and administration for the building manager.


No more keys

Controlling and managing access to individual rooms or buildings using keys can be complicated and expensive to manage. To ensure the safety of the residents and the building, Atamate’s room booking system integrates keypad and NFC (card or phone swipe) entry. This removes the need for keys while ensuring the security of residents.

In rental or commercial properties, data from entry systems can be used by management to understand occupancy rates.

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API to existing systems

Atamate Booking has an open API that provides a simple way to extract data and upload it into other facilities management or hotel management software. As data can be shared with other systems that are in operation, Atamate can be simply and easily integrated.

Applications of Atamate’s room booking system

  • Hotel accommodation & short lets

    Atamate Booking simplifies the management of accommodation such as hotels and Airbnb, while reducing the running costs and enhancing guest experience. Rooms can be accessed using a keypad, mobile phone or card. Entry codes can be emailed to the guest with the booking, removing the need for reception facilities and linking their unique customer preferences. Meaning when they’re not in use, rooms have very little energy consumption.

  • Community buildings

    Atamate Booking is particularly useful when a building is used by different users needing different room behaviours (such as temperatures, access codes etc). For example, the yoga group may want low-level lights and 18°C, whereas the elderly bridge club wants lights on full and heating set to 23°C. Access can also be given/denied to certain parts of the building.

    Read our case study to find out more.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Manage entry into individual rooms and/or buildings to improve security. Use Atamate Booking data to better manage your building and keep occupancy levels as high as possible. Integrate Atamate Booking with your iCal/Google Calendar so that you can set up meetings, invite colleagues and book resources straight from your calendar.

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