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What is the Atamate Hub?

The Hub is the building automation and control systems centre of the Atamate system. Put simply, the Hub is a Linux computer running our building management software. The size of the Hub is dependent on the size and complexity of your project, from a RaspberryPi4 for small and/or single-service installations to a large PC or server for large installations.

The Hub connects to the internet via the building’s LAN (Local Area Network) or a dedicated internet connection. It also connects to the HAN (Hub Area Network) to control the building’s services. The HAN is another LAN network which is dedicated to building controls and is physically separate from the LAN for security reasons.


Inside the Hub, the software is structured so that there’s a firewall between the internet website server and the rest of the Atamate software, allowing the Hub to only respond to our cloud servers and accepts no incoming requests.

We’re serious about your safety and security. After commissioning an independent cybersecurity review of our system, we’ve implemented more than 99% of the recommendations cited in the review.

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What does the Atamate Hub do?

The Hub runs Atamate’s automation software which controls the way building services respond to changing conditions as time passes. The Hub receives data from all the sensors and devices connected to your installation system, whether they’re wired, or via secure radio communication. This data is then converted into a real-time model of the state of the building, including temperatures, light levels, humidity and occupation. The model then decides what action would optimise control of the building, and issue commands to various output devices in order to effect those changes.

All data that comes into the Hub is logged and uploaded into our cloud servers for use by Atamate Data and Monitoring services. If the internet connection is lost, the Hub still controls the building as normal and stores the data for uploading when the internet connection is re-established.

In larger installations or service critical installations, multiple Hubs can be installed in different locations around the building. These can then take over from each other as required, ensuring the continuation of services, even if one part of the building has a complete power loss.

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