Atamate Building Performance

Atamate Building Performance is where data is collected and further analysed to enhance the performance of the building.


System monitor

Atamate System Monitor checks each and every device connected is behaving in the expected way. In the event of an anomaly, System Monitor alerts nominated users and displays issues on a dashboard.


Building Monitor

Building Monitor reports on specific conditions set up by a user or facilities manager.  It provides an alert when these conditions are met eg humidity level under the bath has gone over the set point or a fire alarm has been triggered. 



Charting permits users to plot any information gathered by the Atamate system. This powerful tool is used for reviewing installations and gives a much better understanding of building performance.

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Reports provide an overview of the building performance. These are commonly used to identify energy inefficiencies in the building, occupancy, air quality and other metrics.



Atamate Building Performance dashboards give a quick easy to understand snap shot of your building. Key metrics can be prioritised so errors can be seen quickly. Single property and multiple property dashboards are available.



Back ups are completed daily of every complete Atamate system. This ensures that all configuration files and data collected is safely stored.

Remote access

Remote access

Remote access provides secure access to the building from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world.