Atamate Knowledge

What is Atamate Knowledge?

Atamate Knowledge provides easy to use system information to designers, resellers, installers and end-users, offering the best-in-class support.

Benefits of Atamate Knowledge


Online end-user self-help

Knowledge only serves up information based on what is actually installed in a building, drawing on the individual configuration file for a property to provide bespoke support.

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Simple installation

No need for specialist contractors on site. We supply your electrician or installer with all the information including wiring diagrams to simplify Atamate installation.

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Design support

Atamate provides detailed information to help support designers including details on placement of devices, and the design of the Atamate system to best fit clients requirements.

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Customer service

Atamate Knowledge provides customer support agents with easy access to bespoke information that can quickly and easily identify customer issues.

Applications of Atamate Knowledge

  • Streamline customer service

    Calling up customer service numbers can be a frustrating and lengthy process. Atamate Knowledge allows you to find answers to questions simply and easily without the need for support staff. The information is also streamlined specifically to devices and systems installed into your building. Our systems are updated regularly, meaning if you can’t find a resolution online, the information will be added to the database so future queries will find it.

  • Help for designers

    Atamate incorporates the control of any mechanical and electrical system in which some may not be familiar to designers, but are required for a specific project. Atamate Knowledge provides designers and specifiers with information about the design requirements of devices, including how many items may be needed in a room or zone: how many ceiling sensor units will be needed in a corridor that is 55m x 1.5m? Or how many temperature sensors are needed for control of a domestic hot water tank?

  • Installer assistance

    Atamate Knowledge is a simple to search database of all the devices supported by Atamate, with datasheets and wiring information to ensure you can quickly and easily find the information you need.

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