Atamate Monitor

What is Atamate Monitor?

Atamate Monitor identifies faults in real-time to proactively address building failures. Through monitoring systems it closes the control loop, automatically checking connected devices are behaving in an expected way. In the event of an anomaly, Atamate Monitor alerts nominated users and displays issues on a dashboard.

Atamate Monitor continuously runs predefined tests against all devices within an Atamate system. It is automated and requires no input from building managers or owners. 

Benefits of building monitoring

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Real-time assurance

Atamate Monitor gives building managers the reassurance that the Atamate system is working and reporting on each device in real-time. If there’s a failure, Atamate Monitor will flag and report it on a dashboard and will send a notification if required. This way, building owners and managers are always the first to know if there are any problems and can manage their resources appropriately.

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Real-time performance tracking

Atamate Monitor checks each device connected to an Atamate system and reports when any of them don’t behave as expected. This asset tracking is just as important as managing your inventory because you need to know the status, maintenance schedule, and other important information about the physical assets.

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Reduce maintenance costs

Notifications can be sent to any relevant employee or building owner if a device isn’t functioning as expected. These alerts can be prioritised on the dashboard and an appropriate fix applied. This early warning system ensures that there’s a quick fix with issues, often before a resident or occupant has realised there’s a problem. Customer service levels are also improved.

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Reduce resources

Building performance monitoring enables remote tracking of mechanical and electrical assets. Atamate Monitor enables organisations to schedule necessary maintenance or servicing. Maintenance staff’s time can then be more efficiently allocated, reducing emergency call outs and moving towards proactive ways of working as opposed to reactive.

Applications of building performance monitoring

  • Asset management

    If an occupant turns on a light, Atamate would expect the ambient light levels to change. If they don’t, our system will notify users of a maintenance issue. These issues can be prioritised or grouped together to better streamline operations.

  • Plan maintenance and pre-empt issues

    Atamate Monitor is used to organise maintenance resources. As the information is real-time, facilities management can arrange for devices to be fixed before the client realises there’s an issue. If an extractor fan stops working, it can be replaced quickly, reducing the chance of prolonged periods of high humidity. Mould growth can be the first thing that the resident notices, by which time the building fabric has already been damaged.

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