Atamate PlanView

What is Atamate PlanView?

Atamate PlanView shows the current state of your Atamate system superimposed onto a plan of the building.

Benefits of Atamate PlanView



PlanView provides an easy to understand visualisation of the Atamate system working in real-time. You can see all systems on the plans including occupancy, lighting, internal and hot water temperatures.

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Asset tracking

Building owners or managers can easily track assets around a building, and key assets can be located on PlanView using inexpensive Bluetooth tags.

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People tracking

With correct permissions, Atamate can follow people around a building using either mobile phone GPS or Bluetooth tags.


Digital twins

PlanView can be used as a ‘digital twin’ - a connected, virtual replica of something physical. PlanView allows you to predict the future of the building, allowing them to re-model systems and see how these changes affect the efficiency or running of the project. This ensures better decision-making and enables real-time visibility of a building.

Applications of Atamate PlanView

  • Performance simulation

    You can use PlanView to see how the Atamate system will perform in a simulation. Running a design will allow you to analyse how systems would react under certain circumstances and then refine systems as appropriate.

  • Design refinement

    Once a property is built and in use, Atamate can collect data from sensors, switches and actuators. With PlanView, you can construct a ‘digital twin’ that receives inputs from its real-world counterpart. This counterpart then simulates and offers insights into performance and potential problems. It can also be designed based on a prototype of its counterpart, providing feedback as the product is refined, or serve as the prototype itself.

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