Atamate Performance

What is Atamate Performance?

Each Atamate system collects around 1MB of data per room, per hour. This data is very valuable as it contains vital information about the internal environment of a building and how the Atamate control system is performing.


However, this is only useful if it’s provided to the correct people, in the most useful format, on the most appropriate platform. It’s at this point where actual data can be used to inform and help make robust decisions on building management, with building parameter notifications enabled if these decisions fall outside your set values.


Atamate Performance connects notifications from any device within the building. This is in contrast to Atamate Monitor which automatically runs tests against components in the system.

Benefits of building performance software

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Notifications of exceptions within the system

Alerts can be based on parameters within sensors, actuators, switches and settings. This flexibility ensures that you can see reporting on anything within the Atamate system.


Immediate notifications

Optimise your budget with condition-based management; you choose what devices or settings you want to see reporting on. Atamate Performance provides notifications that track what is actually happening within your building and how you can change parameters to improve efficiency and reduce management time.

Applications of Atamate Performance

  • Maintenance

    Atamate Performance could be set up to report in the event of a fault on any system connected to the Atamate system such as a fire alarm fault or a rise in humidity under a bath or shower tray.

  • Alerts

    Data from Atamate Performance is used for more than troubleshooting building problem areas. Alerts can be set up to inform you when output from a solar array reaches a certain amount, and on how many days per year this occurs. This information can then be viewed in Atamate Analysis where reports can be generated as necessary.

  • Landlords

    Setting maximum temperature limits for heating within rental properties can be problematic both for tenants, who may feel that they are not in control, and landlords, who don’t want energy bills to be uncontrollable.

    Atamate Performance can track when the temperature goes above a set temperature or how often a boost is used. Landlords can then use this information to renegotiate rental agreements or recalibrate temperature settings.

  • Specific condition reporting

    Atamate Performance will send an alert when a sensor detects pre-defined conditions. If the humidity in wet rooms hasn’t dropping as expected, yet the extractor is working (as seen from Atamate Monitor), someone may have blocked the vent. Management resources can then be targeted in the right areas and potential problems dealt with before any damage is done.

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