Building performance

Reduce energy, reduce running costs and fine tune building services

What is building performance?

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Measuring and monitoring the performance of buildings is key to understanding how well they are working, and how to make them work more efficiently in the future. Properties are expensive to build and maintain and represent a large investment. This investment needs to be looked after and protected if it is to retain its value long term.


With sensors installed throughout a building it is possible to accurately measure and monitor the environmental performance of a property. This information is them used to fine tune the running of building services to reduce energy costs and prevent damage to fabric.

What are the benefits of monitoring performance?


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Protect your investment

Constant monitoring of the building, and the provision of alerts to named parties highlights issues before they become problems.

  • Protect building fabric from damage
  • Reduce mould growth 
  • Prevent ceiling damage from water
  • Link security and fire alarms to alerts and relieve texts, calls or emails.
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Protect the occupants

Peace of mind for tenants, home owners and their families is a strong driver for the installation of smart buildings. 
  • Provide messages about fire and security alarms triggering
  • Entry systems with logs
  • CCTV integration.
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Reduce running costs

Correctly specifying the heating, hot water and ventilation building services is key to reducing energy expenditure in a property. Atamate control allows for more environmentally appropriate systems to be installed.

  • Use building data to fine tune the running of systems to reduce energy
  • Only heat rooms that are occupied
  • Only ventilate rooms that are polluted
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Reduce maintenance costs

Buildings are expensive assets that require investment to remain viable. Atamate Building Performance provides data that is used to fine tune management.

  • Prioritise maintenance call outs
  • Remotely fix issues for tenants

Atamate Building Performance


Our services:

Care Monitor
Atamate Care - making your home safe for longer
System monitor
Automated checks against each device. Alerts created when anomalies are discovered
A simple easy to understand view of how your property is performing.
Occupant security
Entry systems, intercoms and linking security and fire alarms. Receive alerts when home or away.
Fabric protection
Install sensors around the property to give early warning of any risk to building fabric
Network security
Keeping occupants data secure and ensuring access security using state of the art encryption

How to measure building performance


Environmental monitoring

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Atamate is based on a network of sensors, each of which collects data used to monitor the environmental state of a building. The standard Atamate Sensor unit mounted on the ceiling includes a thermopile (temperature), humidity, ambient light, PIR (occupancy) and optional CO2 sensors. The thermopile measures both the ‘ambient’ temperature (at the sensors location) and a remote ‘object’ temperature (via infrared).

This data is sometimes not enough, so CO2, VOC and other security sensors can also be added into the units so that air quality (and window position) can be measured as well. External sensors measuring temperatures, light levels, rain and humidity are normally installed to enable better system control. The Atamate platform has the ability to link to almost any sensor.


Energy and water monitoring

bar622A_month6Electrical, gas and both cold water and hot water consumption data. Depending on whether the information is being gathered for information only or for billing will depend on the  meter used and cost. Atamate can provide MID compliant reports if required.

As data is gathered on the Atamate Platform (sensor and user info etc) all this data is stored on cloud servers and is used to provide access to data and information. This is used to ensure all systems are functioning correctly and data is analysed and charted so as to improve building performance.




502TempThe ability to add metering to a property is particularly useful for landlords with sub-tenants. It enables the remote reading and invoicing/billing of tenants from MID meters.

This should come with an API to allow the bills to be downloaded automatically to 3rd party accountancy software - to make the landlords life easier.




Chris Glass
Home owner
“Using Atamate has been a huge success. We particularly like the kids being able to use the Haze to control their own music, and them being able to do this without yet another screen is even better.’’
Gabriella Spring
"Using the Atamate Design Studio has won us clients who would have otherwise gone elsewhere - it gives us a great smart building offering we can price really fast."
Robert Goodman
"At last someone with innovative solutions to ventilating low energy buildings - and at a price that is affordable."

What can be monitored?


If there is a sensor available that measures it, it can be monitored!


These are the most commonly used sensors:

  • Temperature - used in heating and cooling control
  • Humidity - used in ventilation control to prevent moisture build up
  • Ambient light - used in lighting control
  • Pressure sensors - used for monitoring heating and hot water systems
  • Occupancy - used for lighting, heating and ventilation control
  • CO2 - used in ventilation control


heating_1-5_febOther sensors include;

  • Door and window open sensors - to detect if open or closed
  • Power sensors - to measure real time power usage
  • Moisture sensors - detect moisture in soil and flowerbeds for watering schemes
  • Rain sensors - detect rain on open windows
  • Break beam - gates opening and closing
  • Break glass - detect glass breaking.



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