Atamate provides integration with audio, TV and cinema systems

  • Atamate integrates with audio systems from third party providers.
  • Control can be preset to certain times or through the Atamate HAZE light switch.
  • Atamate presets can be use to control home cinema.
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Atamate controls link with most major providers of audio systems, including but not limited to Sonos and Google Chromecast.

Don't get bamboozled by smart home audio

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Tv Cabinet


Atamate converts a room into a cinema at the touch of a button by dimming lights, closing automated curtains and lowering a screen.

How can I control my smart home?

Control of natural and electric lighting using occupancy sensors, presets and local switches.
Smart buildings
Automation of all building services is affordable to install, simple to operate and energy efficient.
Windows and shading
Automation of windows, curtains and blinds integrated with lighting, ventilation and temperature controls.