Entry control

Smart control of entry systems for your property

  • Atamate controls entry through PIN keypads, radio frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC) from a phone.
  • Control and monitoring of entry can be done remotely.
  • Access codes can be allocated permanently or for a limited time period.
  • VOIP (Voice over IP) intercoms allow communication with visitors by integrating non-proprietary telecoms equipment.
  • Entry codes can release locks or activate the motors on gates or doors.
  • Interlinking with heating, ventilation and hot water controls reduces energy and building management costs.

Full control of doors and gates

Reducing keyholders increases security, reduces costs and makes entry simpler for residents and employees while automated doors and gates ensure children and pets are contained.

Keeping your home safe - 4 smart features of automated gates and entry


Service Entry

Access for deliveries and tradespeople can be managed remotely with set time windows for visits, an automatic log of all entrants and no keys that need to be collected and returned.

Six smart reasons to automate your home

Rear view of woman with hands up entering opened door

Integration with building services

Atamate software allows entry to trigger other building behaviours such as lighting presets, heating preferences or passive cooling.

Design your building to behave better

Visitors and guests

Landlords and non-local owners

Remote control and monitoring of entry for maintenance staff and tenants offers better security and convenience than using keys.

Smart control of Airbnb properties

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Support for vulnerable people

Access control is part of the Atamate Care package that allow elderly or otherwise vulnerable people to live in their own homes. Concerned relatives can monitor visitors and allow access for care workers and, if necessary, ambulance crews.

Worried about an elderly relative? Smart controls could be the answer

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Smart buildings
Automation of all building services is affordable to install, simple to operate and energy efficient.
Fire and security
Fire and intruder alarms inform a building's owner by SMS while triggering evacuation procedures and allowing remote CCTV access.
Independent living
Atamate Care helps people with mental or physical impairment live independently in their own homes.