Atamate Entry control

Atamate offers holistic control of entry systems integrating them onto one platform.

Link existing booking systems into the Atamate platform to collect all data from all systems in one place.

Using occupancy based controls and machine learning, Atamate have abstracted out the complexity of building services control. User interfaces (if needed) are very simple for occupants and data is provided for management in real time or batched.


All building types

Zero Carbon Buildings
New Build
  • Occupancy based control
  • Low capital cost
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation
  • Retrofittable
  • Low running cost
  • Machine learning aided efficiency
  • Suitable for off site construction


Atamate Entry for the building manager

charting UI
  • Always know who’s in a building and how that building is being used. 
  • Remotely manage guest access or link it to your booking system.
  • Easy to use - one platform for all services
  • Atamate’s holistic control allows building behaviours such as room temperatures and lighting to be linked to entry systems
  • Access for deliveries and tradespeople can be managed remotely with set time windows for visits, an automatic log of all entrants, and no keys that will need to be collected or returned.
  • No keys
  • Extendible.

Atamate Entry for the developer

  • Adding PIN or NFC entry allows simple, easy access to buildings for residents or employees and simpler management. 
  • Atamate software integrates with other building services, meaning entry can trigger other building behaviours such as lighting presets, heating preferences or passive cooling.
  • online/remote commissioning
  • No specialist contractors, easy installation
  • Simple to extend.
Copy of tablet chart C

Atamate Entry for the occupant

Remote access
  • Simple to use
  • control either the lock release, door or gate motors
  • Link other services with fire and security systems - these can include lighting, gate/door openers or even audio. 
  • Notifications sent when alarms are triggered.


Atamate data services for Entry

Reports UI
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Room/zone occupancy
  • Link entry to room services
  • Real-time data.


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