Fire and security

Full integration of fire and security systems onto the Atamate platform


  • Use Atamate Security app or link with third party fire and intruder alarms.
  • View CCTV camera locally or remotely
  • Atamate Building Performance reports alarms or system faults by email or text message.
External alarm bell box

Intruder detection

Intruder alarms can be configured for different zones such as the outbuilding or garden, and can link with garden lights that can be used for lighting scenes or for security lights.

Links to 3rd party security alarm systems.

Keeping your home safe - 4 smart features of automated gates and entry

close up camera


Fully integrated with CCTV systems. CCTV images can be viewed from anywhere using the Atamate app or a phone, and links with intercom and entry systems allow access for deliveries or tradespeople, and allow you to greet visitors from wherever you are.

Hand pulling pin of fire extinguisher


Integrated with third party fire detection systems. These fire detection systems are combined with other Atamate services. Stair and hall lights can be switched on, doors or gates opened to facilitate safe evacuation for occupants.

IMG_9475 sensor print

Atamate security

Although Atamate links to third party security systems,  it also has it's own specific security product. Using the same sensors already installed in the building Atamate can detect intruders and allow for remote monitoring.


Long-distance access control for residents, employees or visitors which triggers lighting and temperature presets.
Intercoms and telecoms
Atamate controls can incorporate communications within a building and integrate phone network access.
Atamate controls external lighting while preset watering times optimise the use of a sprinkler system.