Add Atamate smart control to your garden or grounds


  • Atamate controls garden lights for lighting scenes and security.
  • Sprinklers can be programmed to run bespoke watering schemes.
  • Sound systems can be extended into the garden.
Nikko, Japan at Shoyo-en garden in the autumn.

Smart lighting

Atamate controls garden lights for pleasing lighting scenes so you can enjoy the garden at night, to light paths as you walk along them and also integrate with the security system so they double as security lights.

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Mature couple dancing in the park

External sound systems

Weatherproof speakers can extend a home sound system into the garden.

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Sprinkler systems can be programmed according to time of day, week or year and linked to weather data so they don’t run if rain is forecast.

Control of natural and electric lighting using occupancy sensors, presets and local switches.
Fire and security
Fire and intruder alarms inform a building's owner by SMS while triggering evacuation procedures and allowing remote CCTV access.
Integration with third party providers for multi-room audio and home cinema systems.