What is the Atamate HAZE?

The HAZE is unique to Atamate. While it may look and feel like a standard lighting dimmer switch, it’s so much more. A wall-mounted multi-function interface, it can be used in a room to open and close blinds or curtains, adjust music volume or switch tracks, as well as for lighting control, much like a normal dimmer.

Atamate HAZE light switches are designed and manufactured in the UK.


What does the Atamate HAZE do?

With HAZE you can control numerous services with ease. Want to adjust the volume of the audio in your room with a twist of the switch? How about pause and play a track with a press of a button? You can achieve this and more with HAZE.

The HAZE has an illuminated collar which changes colour to show which service it’s controlling. The collar can be configured to flash or glow to give real-time visual signals. For example, if your windows are left open it can flash red, if the children’s lights are still on after a set time it could flash green.

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Why do I need it?

A HAZE looks exactly the same as any normal dimmer switch so there are no difficulties when visitors, babysitters or technophobes come over. A HAZE in normal mode has exactly the same effect as a normal lighting dimmer switch, so anyone can use one to operate the lights even if they are totally unfamiliar with the Atamate system. 

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