Heating control

Atamate's zonal control maximises comfort and cuts heating costs

  • Compatible with any type of heating system.
  • Proportional integral derivative (PID) smart control system maximises efficiency and comfort.
  • Dual temperature sensors accurately measure room temperature to optimise responsive heating.
  • Movement and carbon dioxide sensors allow response to room occupancy.
  • A single hub integrates heating, ventilation and cooling control.
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Better energy performance

Occupancy-based heating controls maximise energy efficiency which saves on energy costs, improves a building's energy performance rating and ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines. We found that Atamate controls cut heating costs to 12-34% below predictions when installed in rented accommodation.

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New buildings

Highly responsive occupancy control maximises energy efficiency in each room of a modern low-energy building, reducing overheating risk, ensures a comfortable environment while reducing cost and emissions.

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Reducing capital cost

Atamate controls cut installation costs by allowing electrical heating without the risk of runaway bills.

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Existing buildings

Intelligent control of heating in buildings with high heat losses using traditional heating sources: boilers, heat pumps, radiators and underfloor heating (UFH).

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Renewable heating sources

Atamate integrates secondary heating systems such as solar (photovoltaic or thermal) and log stoves. Manage multiple heating sources and energy storage to reduce capital and running costs.

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Flexible control

The integrated heating and domestic hot water system controls make best use of onsite renewable sources and low electricity costs at night to minimise energy costs.

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Keep it simple

Smart control simplifies the most complex heating system. Easily implement bespoke control strategies for any building. Control your heating from your phone or any web enabled device.

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Sensors and Interlocks

Discrete affordable sensors housed in a single, easy to install unit. Include any sensor for finer control. Atamate software's interlocks ensure that the heating is not on when the windows are open or the air conditioning is switched on.

Six smart reasons to automate your home

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Commercial buildings

Intelligence led Atamate heating is ideal for commercial buildings. It improves comfort levels and simplifies adherence to Health and Safety regulations around working environments.

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Different settings in multi-user buildings

Buildings such as community centres require different building behaviours for each user group; the yoga group and bridge club want different temperature and lighting settings. The specific building behaviour can be set via calendar bookings or by PIN code at entry.

Design your building to behave better

Atamate control over mechanical and electrical services to make the building comfortable, efficient and safe.
Control of all types of background and purge systems to maintain air quality inside a building.
Building performance
Using sensors placed throughout a building to minimise energy and maintenance costs.