Hot water

Atamate control the supply, storage and distribution of hot water


  • In a modern low-energy home, domestic hot water is often the largest energy expense.
  • Atamate controls can maximise the efficiency of any energy source and any water heating system.
  • Provision of hot water for anything from a basin to a swimming pool.
  • Occupancy-based circulation control limits internal heat gains while ensuring hot water is always available.
  • Atamate can manage hot water in a single home or in a large commercial or multi-dwelling building.
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Monitoring for control

Pressure, temperature and flow rate sensors monitor the supply, storage and distribution of hot water ensure it is permanently available anywhere in the building with minimal energy use.

What are the hot water options for eco houses?

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Monitoring for maintenance

Unexpected changes in any of the measured parameters are used to indicate when maintenance is needed.

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Optimal use of renewable energy

Atamate controls use domestic hot water to store energy from renewable energy sources like solar thermal panels and solid fuel stoves, which are only available intermittently. Minimal use of mains gas or electricity limits energy costs.

Hot water in conventional and low energy homes: 3 important differences

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Regulatory compliance

Water temperatures are monitored throughout a building, which can generate reports to demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations. Minimising Legionella risk and complying with regulations in this area is also done using Atamate control.

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Hot water distribution

Occupancy-based control of distribution not only minimises internal heat gains but reduces use of heaters and pumps to extend their lifespan.

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Control of hot water in large buildings

Atamate can manage multiple DHW tanks and can use hot water for space heating confident that the system is monitored correctly and safely.

Atamate control over mechanical and electrical services to make the building comfortable, efficient and safe.
Pools and spas
Control of any type of water heating for a pool or spa, as well as the pool lighting.
Zonal heating control keeps a building efficient and comfortable, and is compatible with any type of heating.