Atamate Hub


The Hub controls all your building services

  • Hub software runs on a local server.
  • The Hub integrates all sensor data and controls all building services.
  • Data is collected and used for reports and alerts.
User Interface

User Interface (UI)

The UI’s interface can be accessed on any web-enabled device and can be used to control or configure the building services.

How can I control my smart home?



Presets allow the grouping together of any building services that are to be controlled together. For example, Heating and lighting may be triggered by someone entering a building, or a home cinema preset might dim the lights, close the curtains and drop the projector screen.

Design your building to behave better



The Hub is easily configured to respond to any event in the system. Responses use a visual programming language to ensure that a given event is followed by a particular action, for example the event might be a given temperature being reached in a room and the action might be opening the windows.

A guide to keeping comfortable in your low-energy home

Atamate building performance
How Atamate monitors the building and its services, and reports its performance to the user.
Monitoring and metering
Constant monitoring and reporting of conditions within the building and the energy needed to maintain them.
Atamate design studio
Our design tool allows us to configure Atamate controls for any building and calculate the price.