Atamate offers control strategies across many different HVAC systems

Buildings in the UK can be broadly split into 2 main groups; fast response and slow response buildings.

For each, different HVAC systems will be specified or installed, and as a result, they need to have different control strategies.

  • Fast response - these are well insulated buildings with good fabric specified or installed with fast response climate control systems. These will need ‘occupant centred control’ -  control that reacts to the indoor environment (too hot, too cold)
  • Slow response - these are existing buildings with poor, leaky fabric installed with slow response climate control systems. These will need easy to use occupant controls and a system that learns how the building behaves in relation to the occupants needs (machine learning).

The mechanical and electrical systems that Atamate is controlling may be complex, but managing and maintaining, and living in the building is made simple and easy. 

Using occupancy based controls and machine learning, Atamate have abstracted out the complexity of building services control. User interfaces (if needed) are very simple for occupants and data is provided for management in real time or batched.

All building types

Zero Carbon Buildings
New Build
  • Occupancy based control
  • Low capital cost
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation
  • Retrofittable
  • Low running cost
  • Machine learning aided efficiency
  • Suitable for off site construction


Atamate HVAC for the building manager

charting UI
  • Simplify complex controls
  • Optomise performance using realtime or batched data
  • Easy to use - simple dashboards
  • Extendible
  • Easy installation - add Atamate or 3rd party devices into an existing system

Atamate HVAC for the developer

  • Holistic control of complicated HVAC systems - Control fans & dampers; maintain and monitor indoor environment and control air handling units & fan coil units
  • Low energy HVAC option using DCV
  • online/remote commissioning - no additional staff cost
  • No specialist installation contractors required
  • Straightforward control of hot water
  • Easy to use for occupants
  • Extendible - add additional devices and services to a system with ease
Copy of tablet chart C

Atamate HVAC for the occupant

Bathroom heating-right hand
  • Occupancy based heating for fast response buildings
  • Use natural ventilation where possible
  • AI enhanced control to improve the efficiency of the building
  • Simple to use
  • Retrofittable.

Atamate data services for HVAC

Reports UI
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Heating vs occupancy
  • Energy monitoring
  • Real-time


Improve the peace of mind of occupants and protect assets

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Pools, spas, lifts & irrigation systems integrated

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Sensors, relays and gateways that
can be used to monitor, control and
manage buildings.


Data Apps

Control, track and improve efficiency
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