Independent Living - protecting people and their homes

What is Atamate Independent living?

Atamate’s building services control combined with data and monitoring products keep elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes for as long as possible.



Monitoring occupants

Using data collected from sensors installed around the building, Atamate effectively monitors occupants. The data is used to spot anomalies in behaviour, at the same time as ensuring that they building is kept warm, safe and comfortable.

Additional sensors and motors are easily incorporated into an existing EcoControls or Smart Building system to ensure that any new requirements are covered - this can include window motors for easy opening and closing of windows, or bed monitor sensors.



No additional building work needed


If Atamate EcoControls and Smart Buildings are already installed giving increased comfort, reduced energy, and peace of mind, the same system that has been monitoring your building and improving its performance can be used to monitor occupants.

The key is to design your home and for longevity - some functionality may not be used until it becomes relevant - window motors when wrist strength fails, telephony, voice activated control.

Why is Atamate Independent Living important?

The world and UK population getting older. According to the UK Office for National Statistics, in 50 years time (2068) there are likely to be 8.6 million people aged 65 and over. Pensions are already the largest item of welfare expenditure in 2016, with State Pension provision accounting for 4.6% of gross domestic product (GDP) in the UK, and public spending on health has risen from 4.4% of GDP to 6.9% over the same period.


How socially connected people feel is a factor in quality of life and living alone is a risk factor for social isolation. Older people are more likely to live alone than younger people


Between 2011 and 2017, the proportion of people aged 75 years and over who had used the internet during the previous three months doubled (from 20% to 41%),


People want to live in a house that is appropriate for them, and ideally one that they can stay in for as long as possible.


Design for Dementia case study


Can technology help the elderly?

What are the benefits of Atamate Independent Living?


Building homes that have EcoControls are cost effective to run and that have smart home features is ideal for a buyer of any age.

Offering a home that can discreetly provide more help and assistance as the occupants get older is even more powerful.

Moving from an existing home into sheltered accommodation or more specialist facilities is expensive and disruptive. This is where Atamate Independent Living comes in.


Atamate for families

Caring for a family member is stressful and can be hard for everyone. Atamate Independent Living takes some of that anxiety away by providing timely relevant information to family members.

Family member can;

  • see a Planview of the house and activity log.
  • can contact the house to check what’s going on.
  • receives ‘check-in’ message.
  • knows about any scheduled activity for house - deliveries, regular visitors e.g. meals on wheels.

Family members are alerted of problems through Atamate's message service. These messages would escalate in case of no response. If the first person doesn’t respond, a message will be sent to the second etc.

If there is a warden, the family member would be able to receive messages from them confirming that problems had been resolved.

Trips and falls

IMG_9475 sensor print (1)-1

People often move out of their home as they become less physically able but are not in need of intense medical care.

They are at higher risk of tripping and having falls which can be dangerous, especially if they are living alone.

What Atamate does:

  • CO2 and motion sensors to pick up on long periods with no movement in unusual areas
  • Automatic lighting pathways to eliminate stumbles in the night
  • Remotely controlled blinds and lights to prevent unnecessary getting up

Reducing loneliness

Senior woman looking at dead husband's pictureFeeling socially isolated and not connected with friends and family is a growing issue with our aging population. Using technology to help reduce this is simple.

Can technology reduce loneliness?

What Atamate does:

  • UI tablet in occupant’s home with voice/video call, messaging, check-in button, reminders (e.g. to take medication). Screen should display option to call, check-in button, button to show local CCTV and who is at the door.
  • (Ability to order groceries, call a taxi and arrange laundry collection)
  • Ability to receive photos and videos from family members?
  • Voice activated control - integrate Alexa or other systems for simple control of a home.
  • Voice powered phone response - ability to respond to phone call using voice
  • If there is an on/off button, it needs to be visible and solid so that the occupant has no problems finding it.
  • Bigger fonts, make sure that clickable UI elements are big enough (at least 11 mm diagonally) and far enough apart from each other (at least 2 mm)


Entry and access

S2Not only do entry systems and intercoms allow occupants to see who is visiting, but they also hold a record of who has visited.

What Atamate does:

  • PIN codes for front door which record who has visited. If there has been no visitors an alert will be triggered and a message sent to chosen recipients.
  • Intercom with camera so that occupant can see who is visiting. Then can send in delivery person in and not have to hurry
  • Ability for family/carer to remotely answer intercom calls when occupant is out - for example daughter could accept groceries delivery remotely.
  • The intercom can be programmed to either ring in the house or ring the warden or family and allow the opening of the door


Night time wandering

IMG_9475 sensor print-1

What Atamate does:

CO2 and motion sensors and pressure sensors in bedside mat or doorway to pick up on movement in the night

Door sensors to show where the occupant is wandering

Sensor on bathroom door to show many bathroom trips - can detect possibility of UTI

Monitoring an elderly relative 



Remote access

Keeping safe and secure is important to all of us at all stages of life. Atamate can give you or relatives and carers peace of mind that their loved ones are cared for.

  • Window and door sensors to detect breaches
  • Motion and CO2 sensors to detect movement
  • Lights that come on or dog barking sound to act as deterrent
  • Camera surveillance.


Chris Glass
Home owner
“Using Atamate has been a huge success. We particularly like the kids being able to use the Haze to control their own music, and them being able to do this without yet another screen is even better.’’
Gabriella Spring
"Using the Atamate Design Studio has won us clients who would have otherwise gone elsewhere - it gives us a great smart building offering we can price really fast."
Robert Goodman
"At last someone with innovative solutions to ventilating low energy buildings - and at a price that is affordable."

Atamate Independent Living for wardens

A warden can see a simple view of all properties that are in their portfolio.

Atamate Building Performance alerts the warden of problems using a traffic light system.

Green is no problem, yellow is a potential/developing problem, red is a problem that needs to be addressed.

When integrated onto a calendar with scheduled activity for the house - eg when an occupant is on holiday, or when a carer is visiting this can add another layer of safety.

The warden can not see what’s happening in the house and logs of behaviour, but prioritise issues that need attention. 

When the warden clicks on an issue they are presented with options: view more information and activity, call 999, contact family member etc.

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