Bluetooth5 Mesh

Bluetooth5 mesh sensors have a number of benefits. Firstly, it’s much faster than alternative communication protocols such as Zigbee or Z-wave (up to 8-times data rate) and has a longer range. Secondly, it has 'beacon' technology for real-time location which is used to identify or track assets in a building.

The mesh structure ensures it’s reliable. For instance, if one node fails, the messages can be relayed using a different path, unlike with previous star topologies.


Amazon Alexa

Alexa is Amazon's customisable virtual assistant. Automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding and text-to-speech give occupants simple control of their homes. Alexa can be integrated into the Atamate system adding another method for occupant control.

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When it comes to multi-room audio, Sonos is the thought-leader. Using the Sonos Connect and the Sonos ConnectAmp, it can be integrated into the Atamate system to provide multi-room audio for any home.

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Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast audio allows you to access any speaker via a WiFi connection. It’s compatible with almost every type of device including iPhone, ios, Windows and Android. The Chromecast acts as a DAC with a 3.5mm jack connecting directly to the amp. This allows for linking with as many speakers as you want in any type of format, meaning you can play different audio in different rooms. You can also play the same music in as many rooms for the whole of the downstairs; the options are endless.

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Atamate integrates VOIP telephone hardware allowing residents to take calls from internal or external intercoms both while in and away from the property. Gates or doors can be released to allow access for deliveries or visitors, and systems can be upgraded to make external telephone calls.

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