Intercoms and Telecoms

Intelligent communication in and around your property

  • Integration of internal with external communications so that intercoms and CCTV can be accessed online.
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) standards make Atamate compatible with any IP phone.
  • Atamate can manage a home intercom or full private branch exchange (PBX) in a large commercial building.


The Atamate user interface can integrate intercoms for large apartment blocks and individual homes, and allow access from inside the home or remotely.

Smart control of Airbnb properties



Atamate’s range of highly competitive call plans can allow a homeowner to take a call from someone who needs access to make a delivery, or it can manage all the necessary functions for a large public or commercial building including hunt groups, voice mail, call recording and sound systems.

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Atamate Care

The relatives of a vulnerable individual, such as someone with dementia, can remotely access communications can help them to check that person’s wellbeing and communicate remotely with care workers. For more on Atamate care, see our Independent Living home page.

Worried about an elderly relative? Smart controls could be the answer

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Fire, security and maintenance

Atamate’s Building Monitor sends text messages if an alarm is triggered or building sensors detect a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed.

Long-distance access control for residents, employees or visitors which triggers lighting and temperature presets.
Independent living
Atamate Care helps people with mental or physical impairment live independently in their own homes.
Fire and security
Fire and intruder alarms inform a building's owner by SMS while triggering evacuation procedures and allowing remote CCTV access.