Atamate lighting offers scalability, security and stability.

This allows for:

  • Lowering of your operating costs resulting in considerable energy savings
  • Actual presence and/or time profile dependent lighting and heating
  • Considerable reductions in design and installation time
  • Flexibility and adaptability to future developments.

Lighting can be controlled by standard rocker switches, button switches, sliders, dimmers, the Atamate user interface or by the HAZE light switch.


All building types

Zero Carbon Buildings
New Build
  • Occupancy based control
  • Low capital cost
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation
  • Retrofittable
  • Low running cost
  • Machine learning aided efficiency
  • Suitable for off site construction


Atamate Lighting for the building manager

laptop and UI2
  • Real time failure detection
  • Atamate can link sensor data to asset tracking. For example, you would expect to see the ambient light change in a room when a light switch is pressed, and if not, there’s an issue which is flagged by Atamate Data (Watch).
  • Configure the building using the same sensors as the other building services to reflect how you want each zone to behave.

Atamate Lighting for the developer

  • Easy to install - reduced number of components, wireless solution
  • Energy harvesting switches - Wireless switches can be installed anywhere and use only the power the switch produces itself.
  • Flexible - seamlessly compatible with DMX, DALI and other lighting protocols
  • Easy to use for occupants
  • Extendible for clients - add additional devices and services to a system with ease.
Copy of tablet chart B

Atamate Lighting for the occupant

Main office lighting-right hand transparent
  • Phone user interface designed for simple control if needed
  • Any light switches can be used - rocker switches, energy harvesting switches, or intelligent HAZE switches.
  • Sensor control makes the best use of natural light by integrating with motorised curtains and blinds, only using electric lighting when needed.
  • Simulated occupancy modes for security and peace of mind.

Atamate data services for Lighting

Reports UI
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Real-time detection failure
  • Lighting vs occupancy

Entry & security

Improve the peace of mind of occupants and protect assets

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Reduce energy and provide an ideal indoor environment

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Multi-sensor occupancy based services control

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Specialist systems

Windows, shading, irrigation systems integrated

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Overheating mitigation and improved comfort

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Data Apps

Control, track and improve efficiency
across your entire portfolio of
properties from anywhere.



Sensors, relays and gateways that
can be used to monitor, control and
manage buildings.


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