Monitoring and metering

Atamate building behaviour tracking provides accurate, actionable data

  • Atamate sensors that control building services also measure and record the internal environment.
  • Constant recording of energy usage for all building services.
  • Atamate Building Performance (ABP) software enables charting of all aspects of building performance.
  • ABP System monitor constantly monitors the working of a building and sends an alert if a potential service issue is detected.

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Building performance

Buildings typically consume 2-5 times more energy than predicted at design stage. Atamate data closes the performance gap by informing design and by providing data that can be used to optimise the energy efficiency of building services.

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Environmental monitoring

A basic sensor array for each zone of a building measures temperature, humidity, ambient light and occupancy. While any sensor can be incorporated, the most common additions are for air quality monitoring by measuring carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and window opening.

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Energy metering

Mains electricity and gas usage is monitored so that energy consumption can be itemised. MID metering allows landlords and building managers the information to raise invoices for individual units.

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ABI Heartbeat provides reports using either bespoke or pre-formatted charts so an owner can monitor energy use and demonstrate compliance with regulatory guidelines on emissions or on working conditions.


Building performance
Using sensors placed throughout a building to minimise energy and maintenance costs.
Atamate integrates control of passive and active cooling systems with ventilation to ensure comfortable, high quality air in the building.
Control of all types of background and purge systems to maintain air quality inside a building.