Monitoring & Data Solutions

What are Atamate monitoring and data solutions?

Using data collected from devices and sensors installed in the building, Atamate provides information that will reduce running costs and measures the performance of each building.

Why use building monitoring and data solutions?

Data helps to understand both the building itself and occupants’ behaviour within it. This information is then used to provide enhanced control, to ensure the most efficient use of the space, to delight users and reduce costs.

Our monitoring and data packages

Atamate Monitor

Atamate Monitor identifies faults in real-time to proactively address building failures. Through monitoring systems it closes the control loop, automatically checking connected devices are behaving in an expected way. It is automated and requires no input from building managers or owners.

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Atamate Analysis

Atamate Analysis is a charting tool for tracking building performance. You can plot any information captured by the Atamate system, allowing the owner or manager to see how the building is performing. Charts and reports can be created and used to demonstrate how the building is running or to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

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Atamate Booking

Whether you run an office, community building, hotel, Airbnb or worker accommodation, Atamate Booking will provide you with efficient, effective room management and control. From access management and building and residents’ security to indoor air quality and audiovisual services, Atamate has the solution.

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Atamate Performance

The data collected from your building is very valuable as it contains vital information about the internal environment of a building and how the Atamate control system is performing. Performance is used to inform and help make robust decisions on building management, with building parameter notifications enabled if these decisions fall outside your set values.

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Atamate PlanView

Atamate PlanView shows the current state of your Atamate system superimposed onto a plan of the building. It provides an easy to understand visualisation of the Atamate system working in real-time. Building owners or managers can easily track assets around a building, and key assets can be located

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Atamate Knowledge

Atamate Knowledge provides easy-to-use system information to designers, resellers, installers and end-users, offering the best-in-class support. Knowledge only serves up information based on what is actually installed in a building, drawing on the individual configuration file for a property to provide bespoke support.

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