Pools and Spas

What does Atamate smart control of swimming pools and spas do?

Indoor pool
  • Atamate allows simple integration and efficient running of pool heating systems.
  • Our system controls both pumps and sanitising equipment.
  • Atamate monitors system usage and maintenance requirements.

Benefits of smart control of swimming pools and spas

Reduce energy use

Atamate can control all pool heating systems such as boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal. Where multiple systems are installed, Atamate will maximise energy efficiency for optimum heat source. In addition, we ensure water circulation is optimally timed to make use of available renewable energy sources.

Easy pool service and maintenance

Atamate controls monitor usage and performance, sending an alert when a filter or UV light bulb is due for replacement, or if a pump or heating system is performing poorly and in need of service.

Improved pool safety

Access to indoor pools can be controlled and automated, and Atamate controls can send a notification if the pool cover is removed.

Leisure and relaxation

Having a pool is good for fitness and for having fun. Offering this facility to guests - short or long-term - is a great way to attract more clients.

How smart swimming pools and spas work

Integrating heating, cleaning and sanitising with maintenance means that Atamate eases the care and upkeep of having a pool or spa, while our software simplifies complex systems.

Hardware used for smart swimming pools

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Monitor the temperature for the pool and the heat pump.


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Control the pump to ensure optimum sanitary and energy consumption.



Atamate gives you a cost effective, efficient way to sanitise a pool. Control when the UV light is on, and log hours to ensure bulbs are replaced only when required.

Monitoring and data in smart swimming pools

Your smart swimming pool can run from a booking and calendar management, allowing you to set temperatures in advance of a pool party, or automatically switch off pool lights when there is no-one using it. If you want to heat the smart swimming pool, use solar or alternative methods where possible and monitor the efficient running of each system.

Our System Monitor is used to flag any maintenance issues so they can be fixed, often before anyone else has noticed a problem.


Who would use smart swimming pools?


Pools can often seem expensive to heat and maintain. Atamate takes that pain away. Heat pumps and solar are used to inexpensively heat a pool, and automating maintenance makes installing one in a property an option for more clients.



Offering guests great facilities when they visit for leisure or work is a great way to attract more visitors. When the maintenance is simplified using our System Monitor and heating the pool can be done using renewable technology, a pool becomes an obvious addition to a short or long-term rental property.


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