Pools and Spas

Atamate software controls your pool and spa environment


  • Atamate allows the integration and efficient running of pool heating system.
  • Control of pumps and sanitising equipment.
  • Atamate monitors system usage and maintenance requirements.

Pool Heating

Atamate can control all pool heating system such as boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal. Where multiple system installed Atamate will ensure the optimum heat source is used to maximise the energy efficiency.

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Lighting scenes

Use smart lighting control to enhance the ambience with lighting scenes.

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Access to indoor pools can be controlled and automated, and Atamate controls can send a text notification if the pool cover is removed.

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Service and maintenance

Atamate controls monitor usage and performance, and send an alert when a filter or UV light bulb is due for replacement or if a pump or heating system is performing poorly and in need of service.

Hot water
Monitoring pressure, temperature and flow rate allows Atamate to maximise the efficiency of any type of water heating.
Long-distance access control for residents, employees or visitors which triggers lighting and temperature presets.
Monitoring and metering
Control of any type of water heating for a pool or spa, as well as the pool lighting.