We sell both Atamate hardware and software via our third party reseller network.



Although Atamate tries to be hardware agnostic and integrates off the shelf hardware where possible, we do manufacture and supply some items. Atamate hardware includes;

  • The Hub

  • HAZE light switches

  • Gateways

  • Relay units.

For more on Atamate hardware, please click here.

Pricing examples can be found on this reseller website.

Six Smart Reason


Atamate software is priced according to the number of devices that are being controlled - or the number of input/output. Generally this means that the more things that are being controlled, the more expensive the system.

Atamate software includes control of;

  • Audio
  • Cooling, active and passive
  • Entry control
  • Garden sprinklers
  • Heating emitters
  • Hot water systems
  • Intercoms and telecoms
  • Lighting
  • Security and fire systems.
  • Shading; curtains, blinds & shutters
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Ventilation systems
  • Windows.

Atamate do not provide networking equipment that is required for wired systems. This includes patch panels, network switches. These will be supplied by your reseller. Click here for an example.

How much does it cost per unit?

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of an Atamate system. 

Firstly, the more devices that need to be controlled the higher the cost, eg: lighting that uses a number of circuits or light fittings in each room can push up the price

Secondly, the larger the unit, the more expensive the price. Using the wired solution, more networking equipment is needed to carry signals robustly around a property and as such the price increases.

An Atamate installation in a 2 bed flat may cost £2,000 whilst a large apartment block may be £100,000.

An Atamate building service solution in most instances will have a lower capital and running cost then any equivalent building service installation.


Ongoing costs

As with all software, an Atamate system will require regular updates to ensure the highest levels of security and functionality. Atamate make these updates available to end clients through the reseller network.

Free support

Each Atamate system comes with a year's free support after which end clients will be able to access additional services via their reseller.

Long term support

Atamate end customers will be offered a range of long term support contracts via their reseller. These will include access to the latest software and upgrades.

No obligation

There is no obligation for end customers to take out any software support contracts.