Residential house builders & developers

Atamate’s intelligent control of HVAC (heating, ventilation, hot water and cooling) reduces capital costs for house builders and developers, and running costs for owners.

New builds

Atamate control makes complex mechanical systems simpler and in some cases removes the need for them. Installation is simple and only needs a qualified electrician reducing time on site and cost.

Atamate can also be installed in off-site construction factories, further reducing site costs.


These buildings are less insulated and less airtight than new build properties, so there’s a greater need to control the high costs of providing heating, hot water and other services.

Atamate requires very little installation or specialists, and is easy to retrofit into existing buildings. Our building automation helps building owners reduce management and maintenance costs and comply with regulations.

Benefits of Atamate in smart residential buildings

Reduce build cost

Reduce your building services capital costs by 30%

Off-site ready

Atamate simplifies offsite construction

Reduce energy

Using occupancy for heating control shown to reduce energy use by 70%

Control all services 

Easily and affordably extend to entry, lights and other services

Key Atamate controls for smart residential building developers

Reduce your building services capital costs by 30%

Simple and cheaper mechanical systems than alternatives, with easier wiring and plumbing to reduce labour. No need to give up floor space for plant, increasing floor area available for units. Atamate control removes the need for centralised hot water or ventilation ducting. This simplified the M&E design of the building and reduces overheating risk in a communal area.

Reduce residential energy use by 70% 

Using occupancy as a primary trigger for control, Atamate reduces the amount of time that heaters or coolers are on while maintaining comfort levels. Ventilating rooms only when the air quality is poor saves systems being on all the time and reduces energy use.

Improve comfort in residential buildings

Atamate controls the internal environment to ensure that the air quality is optimal and the temperature is ideal. We use occupancy data from CO2 and motion sensors to reduce cost while keeping people healthy and comfortable. PIN codes or NFC simplify access to buildings or individual units. Link into security and fire systems for total peace of mind. 

Extend controls to include entry, lighting, security and other services. These all use the same core Atamate components so can increase the building functionality at low cost.

Reducing maintenance in residential buildings

We provide real-time data charts to show how each building is performing. Alerts can be set up to identify where there are maintenance issues which can be quickly and cost-effectively solved.

Management in rental properties

Real-time data provision allows facility managers to track both assets and occupancy. Entry systems are linked to other building services so the building or room behaves in a specific way.

Simplify your regulatory compliance

Compliance with UK building regulations - part L and part F. Simplified part B as all ducting is internal to one flat (no need for fire collars, etc). Ventilation can be used in clean air zones and noise attenuation allows use where high external noise levels. Support TM59 overheating.

How monitoring and data is used in smart residential buildings


Relevant, usable data is key to smart buildings. It shows how each building is performing and provides alerts when devices are not functioning as required.

Atamate continually collects information on each room. This is then uploaded into a database, analysed and provided to occupants and building managers in the form of charts, graphs, text or email alerts.

Proactive maintenance can be conducted, reducing the impact of any issues as well as costs.


How smart technology is used in residential buildings

Atamate Ceiling Sensors Units (CSU) are used to house multiple sensors in one module. These units provide all the data that Atamate requires about the environment within a room or zone. As they are all housed in one module, installation is simple. These CSU’s are located around the building collecting data and sending it to the central Hub computer. Based on setpoints and required building behaviours, the Hub controls relays, motors and actuators to manage devices such as lighting circuits, heating valves or window motors. 

Other sensors can be easily integrated into a Bluetooth wireless Atamate system depending on your requirements.

Talk to one of our experts to see how Atamate works in residential buildings