Atamate Technology


Atamate is a building control system that is used for monitoring and controlling both wired and wireless installations in all types of buildings.

A system will typically include;

  • input data: typically from sensors and light switches as well as other sources and

  • processing equipment: moves data around the building and convert the raw data into useful information and finally

  • Actuators: carry out actions such as turn on lights or start heating.

More information on equipment can be found on the hardware pages.

What are the key architectures and protocols typically used in building control systems?

Atamate splits building up into those that used wired control, those using wireless and finally a combination of the two, usually seen in retrofitted into existing buildings.

Wired systems


The Atamate wired system uses a hub and spoke system where there are a number of central points containing banks of relays dimmer packs and other equipment. These control different elements at the end of each wire, be it a light switch or a heating pump.

There are many different communication protocols used in wired systems. Atamate uses ethernet. Ethernet is a very commonly used protocol being the primary communication for internet traffic.

When Atamate needs to communicate with a device using a different protocol, it is necessary to install a gateway which acts as a translator between the two protocols.

Wireless systems



Although it may be counter intuitive, a wireless system still needs to have distributed power around a building. The difference is that there is no need for control cabling.

Some items such as switches and sensors do not require a cable connection. They can harvest energy produced during use to provide enough power to send signals back to the system when needed.  

Items that do require power eg. lights or a heating elements will typically have a relay locally. Building wiring becomes much simpler as a result of this as all elements can be run off a single power cable.

Atamate uses Bluetooth 5 as this wireless protocol is an open standard and gives good data security high bandwidth. It is also widely adopted in the industry making it simple and easy to add more elements to an existing system.



A retrofit system is likely to be a combination of a wired existing system and additional wireless elements. Atamate integrates both wired and wireless control into existing buildings and developments ensuring that energy use is a low as possible and that the property environment is comfortable and secure.



Atamate is hardware agnostic, and work with many different types of hardware devices from different manufacturers. Electrical systems and protocols are quite fragmented and there many different systems out there such as modbus or DMX that use different communication protocols. When this is the case a gateway is required to translate signals from one system to another.

Atamate hardware

Atamate can provide resellers and clients with certain hardware.  

For more information on Atamate hardware, click here.


Atamate software predominantly runs on the locally installed Hub. The size of the Hub processor is dependent on the size of the building and the number of elements controlled.  A locally installed hub ensures that should there be an internet outage the building will continue to function correctly. It also ensures that there no problems with signal lag time.

For more information on Atamate software, click here.


Atamate integrates with many third-party systems so the user can continue to enjoy software and hardware that they already use.

For more information on Atamate Integrations, click here.

Atamate Building Performance Data products

Automate further processes building data remotely that provides considerable benefits to the property manager, building owner, facilities manager or carer.

Atamate Data Products include System Monitor; monitoring of each element of a system to enable simplified troubleshooting, Building monitor that reduce energy maintenance and management cost and remote access for users when away from the building.

For more information on Atamate Building Performance Data Products, click here.