Community Buildings

Atamate can integrate smart control into many types of community buildings

This includes;

  • Community centres
  • Schools
  • GP offices.

Atamate is a building management system (BMS) for small or medium non-residential buildings. Its fully integrated control solutions are able to meet the most complex requirements of modern and traditional buildings.

Benefits of Atamate control in your community building

Simple to use

No need for specialist, suitable for a caretaker or volunteer

Reduce energy costs

Minimise energy using Atamate bookings and occupancy detection

Reduce maintenance costs

Real time notification delivered to maintenance staff

Increase Security

Entry controls and intruder detection give complete peace of mind

Why use Atamate controls

Simplify building management

Your time is valuable and managing your building is low on the list of priorities.

However community buildings are often large and no single person has responsibility. This leads to lights and heating being left on. Managing keys for all the users is a time consuming. Atamate can solve these issues and is simple and intuitive to use.

Use Atamate to book visitors each with their own entry code. Heating and lights will turn off automatically when no one is in occupation. You can even produce reports telling your cleaners which rooms need cleaning and which to ignore. Atamate will save you time and reduce the building running costs.

With eccentric use pattern and lack of ownership energy bills in community buildings can run away. Atamate can link energy use to room or building bookings so when rooms are not in use no energy is consumed. Using Atamate reporting tools further usage patterns can be identified and controls easily put in place to manage consumption.

Reduce maintenance use

Unless system settings and parameters are properly monitored and maintained, the building performance will begin to suffer. This will result in higher building operating costs and reduced occupant comfort.

Atamate provides live data on the performance of a building and from this, sends alerts to relevant personnel when there are issues. This allows building owners or users to track them and respond quickly if the need arises.

Linking the fire alarms can provide fault reporting.

Increase security

Controlling and managing access to individual rooms or buildings is key not only to ensure the security of residents, but for management to understand occupancy rates.

Most entry systems are supported by Atamate and range from PIN or NFC access to rooms, to intercoms and CCTV. Configure the building so security alarm is on when no booking or authorised users in the building. Lights can be automatically turned on to facilitate escape if the fire detection is triggered.

Healthy buildings

Atamate controls the environment in each room by simply adjusting heating/cooling and ventilation systems to ensure occupants comfort. Atamate also monitors the carbon dioxide, humidity and volatile organic compounds in the air and controls ventilation to minimise the harmful effects of these pollutants. This is particularly important in schools, but is applicable to all buildings.

How monitoring and data products are used in community buildings


Monitor and observe your commercial building state using sensors throughout.

Management information using cloud-based diagnostic tools that provide real-time and saved data.

Atamate main source of data is from sensors installed the building. But also collects setting information and weather, etc. This data is analyses and can be shared with building users as 

BMS systems are to be found in virtually every type of non-residential building, from schools, hospitals and leisure centres, to office blocks, shops and factories. Atamate specialises in smaller commercial units where traditional control systems have not been cost-effective.

Through close control and monitoring of your commercial building’s automation, Atamate is able to minimise energy consumption and maintain consistently comfortable conditions, whilst also providing other key benefits such as lower maintenance costs.

With a focus on lowering energy and CO2 emissions, Atamate is perfectly suited to provide ongoing monitoring of energy consumption and environmental conditions, allowing for optimisation of building operations and a potential reduction in associated energy costs, whilst ensuring that comfort conditions are maintained.


How smart technology is used in commercial buildings

Atamate can be used to create hall or room bookings for community buildings. Based on these bookings, entry can be restricted for certain people or groups, or to certain buildings or just rooms. Building behaviors such as heating, cooling or lighting can be changed to suit the users. For example the elderly bridge club is unlikely to want the same temperature and lighting settings as the aerobics class. Atamate provides reports to visually demonstrate how energy usage and carbon emissions are being reduced, helping to meet legislative and corporate social responsibility demands.

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