Specialist systems

Integrating specialist systems onto the Atamate platform is made simple.

Few hardware devices are required to add systems and once connected, Atamate gives holistic control of all services. Data from all systems is collected and analysed together.

Swimming pools & spas

Atamate allows simple integration and efficient running of pool heating systems. Our system controls both pumps and sanitising equipment, and monitors system usage and maintenance requirements.

  • Easy pool service and maintenance
  • Simple integration of heating, cleaning and sanitising with maintenance eases the care and upkeep of having a pool or spa, holistic software simplifies complex systems.
  • Reduce energy use.


ABOS collects and shares data between devices and systems. Data taken from weather stations or moisture sensors is used to track sprinkler and irrigation performance and better manage water usage. Sprinklers can be programmed to run bespoke watering schemes.

  • Holistic - Integrate third-party data into your Atamate system by using weather forecast data to control irrigation systems
  • Environmental irrigation
  • Simple to use - Sprinkler systems can be programmed according to time of day, week or year and linked to weather data so they don’t run if rain is forecast. Set up watering schemes to run on different days of the week or season.

All building types

Zero Carbon Buildings
New Build
  • Occupancy based control
  • Low capital cost
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation
  • Retrofittable
  • Low running cost
  • Machine learning aided efficiency
  • Suitable for off site construction


Atamate Specialist systems for the building manager

charting UI
  • Simplify complex controls
  • Optomise performance using realtime or batched data
  • Easy to use - simple dashboards
  • Extendible
  • Easy installation - add Atamate or 3rd party devices into an existing system

Atamate Specialist systems for the developer

  • Holistic control of complicated specialist systems
  • Extendible - add additional devices and services to a system with ease
  • Online/remote commissioning - no additional staff cost
  • No specialist installation contractors required
  • Easy to use for occupants
Copy of tablet chart C

Atamate Specialist systems for the occupant

Bathroom heating-right hand
  • Add complicated systems into your property with ease
  • Occupancy based control to reduce complexity
  • Simple to use
  • Retrofittable
  • Improve your building efficiency.

Atamate data services for Specialist systems

Reports UI
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Heating vs occupancy
  • Energy monitoring
  • Real-time data provision


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Sensors, relays and gateways that
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manage buildings.


Data Apps

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