Atamate technology

How Atamate works
Atamate works on the premise that if you can't measure, it you can't control it. Data is collected from sensors, light switches and other sources (such as internet). This data is processed in a local computer 'the Hub'. The Hub uses this data to control the buildings services (lights, heating, ventilation etc). This data is also stored in cloud servers where more sophisticated data processing can take place.
Atamate architecture
Atamate works with a variety of architectures (wireless, star-wired, bus etc). However ethernet is the standard protocol. Most installation use CAT5 ethernet wiring throughout the building for control. Where devices use other communication protocols then a gateway is used to 'translate' the messages, between ethernet and the appropriate protocol.
Atamate uses established software standards, these can be buildings specific such as Modbus or computer industry specific such as iCal or SIP. By using open standards we work with a wider range of products and give the end user more choice.
We are hardware agnostic and aim to support all standard building protocols (Modbus, DMX, Dali etc). Atamate works with nearly all hardware. Where we integrate with other software we use available APIs.
Wired or wireless
We often get asked this. Our software works with either. There are pros and cons with both. To get the best results building services need to be tightly linked to the control and will be designed and installed together. Where this is done wired solution often make more sense.
Almost any sensor can be incorporated into an Atamate installation. We believe as a minimum each room should have a temperature, humidity, ambient light and occupancy sensor. It is likely some rooms will have additional sensors. Other sensors will be needed externally, in plants rooms or to monitor a specific area of a building.
Light switches
Almost any light switch can be incorporated into an Atamate installation. Light switches can be used to control other services other than lights in a room eg blinds, audio etc.