Ventilation control

Atamate control maintains air quality with minimal energy use


  • Compatible with all types of active and passive ventilation.
  • Sensors in every room continuously monitor air quality.
  • Single hub integrates temperature and ventilation control to prevent systems operating in conflict.
  • Communication using common protocols including BACnet and Modbus.

Modern airtight buildings

Traditional buildings lose up to half their heat from air flow through the building. Modern buildings are built airtight to minimise these losses, so they need background ventilation to maintain air quality.

Ventilation options for a low energy home

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Control of background ventilation

Atamate can control all background ventilation methods including trickle vents, extractor fans, demand control ventilation (DCV), mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) or mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR).

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Purge ventilation

As well as background ventilation, Atamate controls purge ventilation: the rapid replacement of the air in the building when the air outside is at a more comfortable temperature. Large vents or motorised windows are the commonest ways to purge a building’s air.

Passive cooling for low-energy buildings

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Air quality monitoring

Atamate measures, controls and reports on the indoor air quality. Sensors measure humidity, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

VOCs: how to keep your building healthy

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Integration with water heating

A micro-heat pump can extract heat energy from the stale air being exhausted from the building and use it for water heating.

Hot water in conventional and low energy homes: 3 important differences

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Regulatory compliance

Atamate controls ensure a building meets the overheating and air quality regulations without compromising energy efficiency, and generates reports to confirm compliance.

The TM59 overheating assessment

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Public and commercial buildings

Atamate can measure and control air quality in schools and commercial buildings. This ensures compliance with regulation and a healthy workplace. Information is collected to prove compliance and fine tune ventilation systems.

Introduction to Part L2 of the UK building regulations: non-residential buildings

Monitoring and metering
Constant monitoring and reporting of conditions within the building and the energy needed to maintain them.
Atamate integrates control of passive and active cooling systems with ventilation to ensure comfortable, high quality air in the building.
Building performance
Using sensors placed throughout a building to minimise energy and maintenance costs.

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