Atamate adds value to existing and new buildings in the UK and across the world. Highly experienced and technically advanced, we deliver projects, ranging from residential developments, commercial developments and facilities management.

What sectors does Atamate focus on?


Eco homes

Reduce energy use and reduce emissions from your home. Using Atamate, not only will capital costs be reduced, but ongoing energy efficiency will be improved with occupancy and zonal based control.

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Residential house builders and developers

Reduce capital costs of heating, ventilation, hot water and cooling using Atamate control. Simplify control and maintenance of complex mechanical and electrical systems and reduce installation costs with wireless components and no specialist contractors required.

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Worker accommodation

With costs of oil field, mining and other remote camps increasing, Atamate focusses of reducing energy use and improving building monitoring and management. Integrating entry controls and room management software further improves Atamate’s relevance within this sector.

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Student accommodation

Atamate will bring down both capital build cost and ongoing maintenance costs for student buildings. Entry controls will significantly reduce building management costs. It can be incorporated into a new build project, or is simple to retrofit into existing buildings.

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