Windows and shading control

Smart control of windows and roof lights


  • Atamate controls automated windows, blinds, shutters and curtains.
  • Sensors measure internal light and temperature to optimise shading.
  • Windows can be automatically opened to passive cooling a building, reducing loads on mechanical systems.
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Motorised controls

Windows, blinds or curtains that are difficult to reach can be opened at the touch of the button, or left under Atamate controls that will open or close them.

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Ventilation and temperature control

Atamate sensors monitor the air quality and internal and external temperatures, so windows can be fully or partially opened to ventilate the building. The Atamate controls may use them to maintain air quality by preventing buildup of carbon dioxide or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or to cool a building down if the internal temperature is uncomfortable and the air outside is cooler.

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Making the most of natural light

Curtains and blinds can be controlled by the HAZE light switch or the user interface, so electric lights can be set to stay off unless there is not enough sunlight. Shading can also be used to control the glare of direct sunlight if necessary.

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Using shading to control temperature and glare

Preventing incoming solar energy is the best way to keep your building cool.  The Atamate dual temperature sensor system monitors every room, and closes shutters or blinds to control solar gains and prevent overheating.

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Interlock with security

Atamate controls can be set to close all accessible windows at night or when there is no one in the house. The same controls can close windows when it’s raining.

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Control of natural and electric lighting using occupancy sensors, presets and local switches.
Control of all types of background and purge systems to maintain air quality inside a building.
Atamate integrates control of passive and active cooling systems with ventilation to ensure comfortable, high quality air in the building.