Worker accommodation

Atamate Building Intelligence for worker accommodation

Oil field, mining and other remote worker camps are becoming increasingly focused on reducing running costs. Atamate can help reduce energy and room management costs using occupancy-based air conditioning control and management data for fine-tuned, large accommodation blocks. 

With the rising costs of electricity affecting the expense of management and running of buildings, in countries such as Oman, companies are having to look at different ways to reduce costs, in particular running air conditioning.

In addition to room management and entry controls, Atamate support room allocation and management; removing keys, providing real-time maintenance updates and scheduling of cleaners.

Benefits of Atamate in smart accommodation for workers

Reduce air conditioning costs

Use occupancy as a basis for control to reduce cost.

Easy to retrofit

No rewiring or specialist skills needed.

Prioritise maintenance

Triage issues and move from reactive to proactive maintenance.


Understand performance

Data provided for room utilisation data and occupancy patterns.

Key Atamate controls for smart accommodation for workers

Reduce energy costs of air conditioning systems

Reduce the environmental impact of buildings by automating the control of HVAC. Using occupancy as a basis for control and when using fast-response air conditioning units, costs can be slashed while comfort levels remain high.

Easy to retrofit no rewiring or specialist skills needed

Atamate is simple to install and needs no specialist contractors. This reduces installation costs as existing electrical contractors can be used and site time is minimised. Atamate uses wireless energy harvesting light switches to further reduce installation time and costs.

Prioritise maintenance issues and triage call-outs

Protecting your assets, the fabric of the building and mechanical and electrical systems can be expensive and time-consuming; Atamate identifies problems immediately, prioritising these issues so that managers can staff accordingly. Using live data to identify issues reduces emergency call outs too, ensuring a move from reactive to proactive maintenance.

Understand how your building is performing and used

This type of accommodation may not be occupied in a consistent pattern. Data provided by Atamate shows if there are rooms in a property that aren’t being used which can later be factored into future booking policy. In accommodation buildings where there are rooms with multiple occupants, data can be used to look at occupancy rates This can also be extended to look at patterns of usage in communal areas like dining halls and leisure facilities.

Extend Atamate controls

Include lighting, hot water and entry controls to further reduce running costs. Occupancy based lighting is simple to install. Atamate uses wireless light switches to further reduce costs in an existing building. Entry systems using PIN or NFC are used to control access to a block or room, as well as initiating cooling or lighting settings.

Secure accommodation

Understanding who is in a building is key to maintaining its security. Atamate integrates with fire and security systems and entry systems, which are alternatively linked to other building services e.g. lighting, heating and cooling. Atamate sensor units have sounders and microphones making remote weekly maintenance checks on fire alarms a quick and simple task.

How monitoring and data technology is used in accommodation for workers


Using both PIR and CO2 sensors to control heating and cooling provides a finely tuned internal environment while reducing the amount of energy being used. PIR sensors provide instant control whereas the CO2 ensures that systems remain functioning even when residents are sitting or sleeping.

Data collected and analysed by Atamate is used to reduce costs and maintain high comfort levels, whilst charts are used to look at how the building is performing on a room by room basis. Atamate Monitor constantly runs checks on each device within the Atamate system and alerts are triggered if any parameter is reached or any devices are not working as expected.


How smart technology is used in worker accommodation

Atamate sensor units are installed in each room and these provide all the data needed to control the internal environment and give information for the control of other devices. Each unit contains sensors to measure: temperature, humidity, CO2, ambient light, air pressure and noise levels. 

Light switches are also inputs to the Atamate system, and can be either energy harvesting, wireless switches or traditional rocker switches.

Relays are used to control devices such as window motors, door open switches or heating valves.

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