Building automation for a better world

Reducing energy costs, building maintenance and management, while improving occupants’ comfort and security.


Atamate is a smart building software company based in Oxford, UK. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of buildings in the UK and around the world as well as reducing both build capital and running costs of properties. 

Based on decades of experience in construction, electronics and software engineering, Atamate uses a discrete network of sensors to analyse building systems and usage, revealing and remedying areas of weakness, waste and risk, and intelligent control to maximise building performance. 

ABOS (Atamate Building Operating System) works by deploying a network of wireless sensors throughout a building. The information collected from these sensors is used to control all the building services (heating, air con, lighting, ventilation etc).  Atamate goes deeper than ‘smart home’ applications that focus on consumer comforts while providing machine learning insights that costly building management systems cannot match.


Atamate in new buildings

Atamate can be deployed in new developments at a fraction of the capital cost of traditional building management systems. It provides revolutionary machine learning about building usage, system functioning and environmental factors.

Those insights are fed back into building management decisions, enabling targeted savings on energy and operational costs. At the same time, layers of security and access control can be continually customized. Atamate’s flexible design and structure enable it to interact with and control almost any device or machinery, avoiding problems commonly caused by the interoperability of different proprietary systems and standards.


Atamate in existing buildings

Atamate’s innovative use of wireless technology allows its unobtrusive network of sensors and controls to be retrofitted throughout a building. A decades-old office block and even a home designed and built centuries ago can benefit from an Atamate installation.

The minimally invasive procedure involves grafting the Atamate network onto the structure, to give efficient and intelligent control of the entire building for the first time. A proprietary portfolio of sensors, normally nested in a discreet ceiling fitting, acts in concert with remote wireless switching. Real-time data, predictive learning and environmental factors come together in one central control hub that can be actively or passively managed.

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