Atamate Consulting exists to provide support to projects which plan to use or are considering using the Atamate platform. 

We have consultancy services specifically designed for self builders and custom builders as well as services for commercial projects.

We provide advice regarding the integration of the Atamate product into the design of your projects. The way that the Atamate platform has been conceived and developed focused on significantly simplifying the deployment of monitoring and control systems, therefore reducing costs and maximising the potential energy efficiency, occupant comfort and security in use.

The Atamate platform gathers significant data about many aspects of the building operation. We assist building managers, operators and users in ensuring they are getting the most out of the system and provide recommendations of how post-occupancy data can be used for targeted improvements.

As a team, we are constantly looking to conduct research to learn from every deployment of our products and test new concepts which can lead to an enhanced built environment. We welcome proposals for collaborations if there is an idea to be tested on a project.

Project Integration

We provide project integration services in order to understand your brief and then discuss how the Atamate Platform can best assist in meeting it. In the first instance we need the following information regarding your project:

  • -  Whether the project is a new-build or refurbishment
  • -  The proposed function of the finished project, for example, hotel or office buildings
  • -  The net and gross floor area of the building
  • -  Proposed architectural drawings
  • -  Building services design proposals and the specification of key central plant elements including chillers, boilers and air handling units
  • -  In the case of refurbishment, provide record information relating to existing communications systems which may require interfacing with Atamate.

Once we have this information we can meet with you either in person or as a video conference to fully understand your project brief.

We will then provide an initial proposal of how the system will be integrated into your project including suggestions for potential simplifications in other systems.

For more complex projects our involvement can be extended to allow early engagement with the design team. This is to ensure the Atamate platform is integrated in the most optimum manner.

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Building Physics

We understand building physics associated with low energy buildings can be complex. Atamate Consulting is certified to provide SAP and SBEM calculations for projects and can provide this as a service for your project. 

We can also assist in carrying out dynamic thermal modelling to show how the use of enhanced occupancy-based control in residential buildings, a key element of the Atamate approach, can result in significant energy savings.

We use IES software to test different options, identify passive solutions, compare low-carbon & renewable technologies, and draw conclusions on energy use, CO2 emissions and occupant comfort.


Building Performance

We believe that performance in use should be the key metric for energy consumption in the built environment. Atamate Cloud Services provides a number of applications which can allow you to monitor and analyse the energy performance of your building. 

Once your building is operational our data analysts can work with you to ensure that you are utilising the available data in the most effective way to improve the energy performance. This could range from setting up specific charting tools to providing an independent review of the data and providing recommendations of where system improvements may reduce energy costs.

It is also feasible to use our sensor units and energy meters to collect data and analyse the performance of an existing building which does not have the Atamate platform and provide recommendations on where performance might be improved.

Data Analytics

Data collected by the system can provide insights far beyond energy performance. Enhancing building management can offer far greater cost savings than reducing energy bills. The Atamate platform will therefore also continuously analyse data to seek these opportunities. 

Checking the data stream for faults in the system allows maintenance to be predictive. Occupancy pattern data can allow cleaning to be targeted and more efficient. These are just a few early examples of what the platform is capable of with more functionality due to be released in later iterations of the software.

Once again our data analysts can ensure you are maximising the use of the available data to reduce your building management costs.


Our Accreditations

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