Residential and small commercial new builds, and refurbishment projects

Reducing costs for rental accommodation

This aim of this project was to provide eco control and monitoring for rental accommodation. Build costs were reduced by 30% while residents energy use was reduced by 70%.

This installation included;

  • -  SAP, dynamic overheating modelling and mechanical services specification consultancy
  • - Heating - infrared panels
  • - Ventilation - MEV and DCV
  • - Hot water - heat pump from MEV
  • - Lighting.

This project Incorporated infrared heating, MEV and heat pumps to provide top of the range comfort for occupants whilst being less expensive for the developer to build and landlord to run.

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Simple community building management 

This purpose of this renovation was create a sustainable community centre by future proofing all the building services and reducing the running costs. 

This installation included;

  • - Full heating control
  • - Internal and external DMX lighting Control
  • - Entry - key pads on doors
  • - Calendar
  • - Remote access.

Management costs were slashed by using PIN entry integrated with a calendar function.



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BRE Design for Dementia house

Atamate supply the building services control for BRE Innovation Park Dementia Home. This is a home designed to keep residents with additional needs in their own homes for as long as possible.

The installation included;

  • - Smart control of heating (via IR heaters upstairs and UFH downstairs)
  • - Hot water, ventilation (demand control ventilation and extractors)
  • - Lighting and indicator lighting with the Atamate Haze. 

Atamate also monitor the building environment including temperatures, air quality (humidity and CO2) occupancy, ambient light levels as well as logging building service settings and performance.


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Eco refurbishment

This was a project that took this 1960's home to near PassivHaus standards. It uses Atamate to control solar thermal panels in summer and a stove with back boiler in winter to provide all the heating and hot water requirements.

The installation included;

  • - SAP, dynamic overheating modelling and mechanical services specification consultancy
  • - Heating - efficient and low energy using solar-thermal 
  • - Hot water - multiple heating sources controlled 
  • - Lighting - DMX lighting control
  • - Ventilation - DCV control of inflow and outflow throughout the home
  • - Windows - passive stack ventilation 
  • - Audio - control of multi-house audio around the communal areas.
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Country home refurbishment

Atamate replaced an existing system to control lighting in this rural period property.

The home already had an existing automation system which Atamate was called in to replace as it was no longer fit for purpose.

  • - Internal and external lighting
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