Technology Overview

The Atamate Building Operating System  consists of 4 components:

  • Devices - Atamate hardware installed in the building
  • Atamate Hubs - local computers in the building
  • Control Apps - software running on the Hubs
  • Cloud Apps - software that collects data from the building and analyses it further.

The Atamate Architecture





Atamate Devices

Atamate devices have 3 functions.

1. Sensors. Collecting information about the building such as temperature, CO2, occupancy etc.

2. Actuators. Relays, door entry devices or motorised valves etc

3. Aux Ports. These allow wired extension of the atBOS system. These are either used to incorporate serial protocols such as Modbus or DMX or; are used to connect wired sensors into the system.

Our devices communicate using wireless mesh technology. As a result, Atamate does not need any communication cabling, only a power supply. Installation is very simple, and can be done by any electrician with minimal disruption in existing buildings. 

The wireless protocol is open so pre-approved 3rd party devices can be added to an installation.


The Atamate Hub

Atamate Hubs are small computers, often called Edge computers, which are installed in the building.

The Hub has several functions;

  • running the Control Apps - software algorithms to control the building
  • managing the Atamate Devices
  • sharing building data with the Cloud Apps
  • controlling access to the Atamate system for approved users.

Atamate Control Apps

The atBOS Control Apps are the software necessary to run the building.

These include;

  • Climate control
  • Metering & Energy
  • Monitoring
  • Entry
  • Lighting
  • Windows & Shading.

As all Control Apps run locally within the Hub the building will function even if the internet is disconnected.

The Atamate Cloud

All data collected or generated by the Hub is uploaded to the Atamate Cloud for further processing and analysis. The Atamate Cloud Apps use this data to provide insight into building performance and highlight where improvements can be made.

Remote access through the cloud permits the monitoring and control of your Atamate system from any web connected device inside or outside the building.

Our software can be remotely updated. Although a building does not have to have an internet connection to benefit from Atamate technology, the functionality will be reduced if no connection is available.



What makes Atamate different?

We are construction experts who understand how buildings perform. We know that all buildings should use be better, and have used our experience to developed software to solve these problems. atBOS controls all building services, integrate and produces simple to access data that increases performance.

Atamate uses bank grade encryption throughout its technology stack. We are based in the UK where all system design, programming and manufacturing is done.

Affordable, real-time building data is the key to unlocking a revolution in how we build, manage, maintain and live in our buildings.

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