Reduce energy costs

Occupancy based heating & ventilation to reduce capital and operating costs.

Asset Protection

Manage maintenance issues using early exception reporting

Improve comfort & wellbeing

Go Electric - identify areas across your estate where maximum impact can be made

A Net Zero Pathway

Identify areas across the estate where maximum impact can be made and retrofit for a more sustainable estate

Atamate's platform for buildings atBOS gives clients in Education the sophistication of control that BMS offers but on a wireless platform ensuring simple installation and ease of use - all at a competitive price.

All building data sits on the atBOS platform allowing for simple interoperability across complex systems. Performance data is surfaced providing maintenance information as well as management data analysis.

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How Atamate can help

  • Reduce energy use - controlling services particularly heating and ventilation on occupancy
  • Maximise impact of interventions - identify problem areas that will make the largest difference
  • Provide more comfortable and better ventilated teaching and communal areas
  • Provide sustainability and wellbeing data for stakeholders
Elec consumption by zone


Reduce energy

Reduce operating costs and improve comfort for staff and students

Common issues;

  • Need to reduce energy costs
  • Need to improve sustainability
  • Need to collect data for asset managers and stakeholders to analyse and improve to measure success of initiative
atBOs can:
  • control heating and ventilation services on occupancy reducing costs

  • measure and report on all building data from metering data to occupancy heatmaps

  • improve the sustainability of existing and new buildings.


Improve comfort & wellbeing

Keep students comfortable and provide excellent indoor air quality

Common issues;

  • How to maintain temperatures in teaching areas and communal zones while reducing energy costs 
  • How to provide ideal indoor air quality to improve performance and reduce viral loads
atBOs can:
  • control both heating and ventilation on one system, so there are no conflicts - heating on & windows open

  • provide feedback on indoor air quality data

  • give staff a simple interface to enable them to boost both heating and ventilation if required in a zone

IAQ environmental performance


A Retrofit Solution 

Wireless devices and using existing power for a simple installation

Common issues:

  • Estates of existing buildings with services that cannot be replaced

  • a mandate to improve sustainability across an estate with a constrained budget or listed buildings

atBOS can:

  • offer a simple wireless retrofit solution
  • no specialist contractors - all installed by a qualified electrician
  • provide an easy to use interface for both asset managers and teaching staff


A pathway to sustainability

Provide a clear route to improving sustainability or achieving Net Zero

Common issues;

  • Lack of clarity about how to achieve Net Zero
  • Where to start?

atBOS can;

  • collect data including metering data from the building and identify problem areas
  • Use data to control existing services in a more energy efficient way
  • Provide expert consultancy to set out the challenges and a clear pathway to improved sustainability

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