Portable Accommodation Buildings

Integrated simple controls

Makes combining units easy. Controlled heating and ventilation based on occupancy with a high visibility of performance on dashboards

Reduce Deployment Times

Wireless devices shorten installation times, and reduce maintenance issues

Part L compliance

If deployed for greater than 3 years, Atamate can provide Part L compliance

Reduce energy and improve comfort

Provide sustainability data for stakeholders, and have units with appropriate heating and ventilation to improve comfort

Atamate's platform for buildings gives Portable Accommodation Buildings the sophistication of control that BMS offers, but with the ease of use and installation, and all at a competitive price.

All building data sits on the atBOS platform allowing for simple interoperability across complex systems. Performance data is surfaced providing maintenance information as well as management data analysis.

How Atamate can help

  • When combining units, Atamate provides simple integrated controls reducing complexity
  • Reduce energy use - controlling services particularly heating, cooling and ventilation on occupancy
  • Provide units that are comfortable for occupants in summer and winter
  • Provide performance data that can be used to improve future outcomes and to present to stakeholders
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Integrated simple controls

Wireless devices, simple installation

Common issues;

  • How to combine multiple units simply and cost effectively
  • How to reduce the complexity of building services. 
atBOs has:
  • wireless mesh communication
  • devices that only require a power supply
  • no wiring between bays
  • design tools to automate deployment of software configuration specific to each set up


Greater Flexibility

How to make each deployment bespoke without increasing cost


  • Units or bays are deployed for different uses and require different set ups
  • Each deployment will have specific priorities that the units need to respond to.
atBOs can:
  • configuration of devices can be specific to a particular problem

  • Easy to extend the system to suit different facilities  set ups

Energy - elec use
Elec consumption by use


Reduce energy consumption

Wireless devices and using existing power for a simple installation

Common issues:

  • how to reduce energy costs while providing units with high performance

  • how to surface data about the units and their performance

atBOS can offer:

  • occupancy linked heating
  • occupant linked lighting
  • occupant linked air conditioning
  • performance based ventilation
  • interlocks with window sensors
  • energy metering


A pathway to sustainability

Provide a clear route to improving sustainability or achieving Net Zero

Common issues;

  • Lack of clarity about how to achieve Net Zero
  • Where to start?

atBOS can;

  • collect data including metering data from the building and identify problem areas
  • Use data to control existing services in a more energy efficient way
  • Provide expert consultancy to set out the challenges and a clear pathway to improved sustainability
Other sectors we work with:


Manage, maintain and control schools and university buildings. Atamate offer a pathway to Net Zero and a more sustainable estate.

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Reduce energy costs and reduce management costs using Atamate in Purpose Built Student Accommodation in the UK and overseas

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