Atamate Devices

Atamate Devices are the hardware devices that make up the Atamate system.

They communicate with each other using wireless Mesh technology.

There are 3 main functions that devices provide; 

  • Sensors - these collect information about a building, zone or device eg temperature, CO2, occupancy etc
  • Control devices - actuators. relays, door entry devices or motorised valves etc
  • AUX ports - these allow wired extension of the atBOS system. These are either used to incorporate serial protocols such as Modbus or DMX, or are used to connect wired sensors into the system.

These 3 core functions are packaged up in the following devices to make installation easy for any electrician.

For any more detailed information about our devices and how they work with Control Apps and Cloud Apps, please contact us on: or 01865 920101


A cornerstone of most installations, the Ceiling Sensor Unit includes;

  • temperature, humidity, CO2, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), light level, noise level, vibration, PIR, power detect.

Units can include;

  • 2 x 16A relays
  • AUX ports.


There are options of units;

  • 2 x 16A relays
  • 2 x 2A relays

Both these options of relay unit also contain an AUX port.


Allows the metering of amperage, current, power factor and reactive power and voltage of 8 electrical cables.

It can be fitted internally or externally to the electrical distribution units.


Atamate Door entry allows for electronic control of locks to doors and gates in a building.

Control doors to fail open or fail closed. Allow access to doors with either PIN or NFC (near field communication) entry.

The Door Entry device is simple to install. There is no control cabling or batteries and occupants can retain key entry.


Ancillary Devices

These devices are connected to the AUX port of the Units above.

Remote temperature or humidity sensors
Remote noise or pressure sensors
Halo switches
Atamate HAZE multifunctional switch

Warranty Information

Atamate devices are all shipped with a 2 year limited standard warranty. If the device is damaged or defective within this period, Atamate will repair or replace it.

All non-Atamate products or non-Atamate branded peripherals external to the Atamate devices are provided “AS IS” without the Atamate warranty. However, non-Atamate manufacturers and suppliers, may provide their own warranties directly.

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