Our design team will take your building drawings and use our in-house design tools to develop a full atBOS installation design. The result are:

  • All information required for electrician to install the atBOS system
  • The configuration file that defines the systems to be controlled and the behaviors required in the building.

Atamate can also design the mechanical and electrical systems for your project. The team are SBEM, SAP and WELL Buildings accredited and carry out energy modelling and overheating analysis to ensure that systems specified are appropriate.


Our aim is to simplify installation to reduce costs. 

atBOS can be installed by an electrical contractor without the need for specialists. The system uses an industry standard wireless mesh as a communications protocol so the devices only require power supplies. As such the installation can be completed by any qualified electrician.

Atamate will provide your contractor with all the information they need to simply install atBOS including;

  • electrical drawings
  • electrical schedules
  • installer documentation
  • functional testing instructions.


We use a secure protocol so it is necessary for all devices to join the mesh network. This process is called provisioning. As the system is deployed it is necessary for devices to be connected to the network, this is easily done from a web enabled device such as a phone.


Our operations team will be on hand to answer any queries that the installer may have. They will then attend the site to fully commission the installation once functional testing is complete.


Our team will also take the client/building operator through a handover process which includes training in the use of your new atBOS installation.


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