Atamate Control Apps

Atamate Control Apps enable sophisticated control of the services in a building.
These Apps run locally within the building on the Atamate Hub computers. These will run regardless of whether there is an internet connection to the building. 


Atamate Climate App controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in both domestic and commercial buildings.

Control is achieved either directly via actuators or via gateways which allow Modus, infrared or BACnet interfaces.

Significant energy saving are possible when linked to monitoring systems such as occupancy detection or air quality monitoring. 




Climate - empiric
Metering & energy - Empiric



Metering & Energy

Atamate will meter electricity, gas, heat or water. This provides real time information for billing or management purposes.

When linked to the Alerts App, Metering is used for early detection of maintenance issues eg leaks and drops in pressure.






This allows the collection of information from any sensors in a building.

These sensors may be an Atamate device such as an Atamate Sensor Unit or may be in a 3rd party device such as a lightswitch or fan coil unit.

This data can then also used to control and report on all aspects of the building. 



Monitoring - Empiric
Door entry Keys UI



Door Entry

Atamate Door entry allows for electronic control of locks to doors and gates in a building.

Control doors to fail open or fail closed. Allow access to doors with either PIN or NFC (near field communication) entry.

The Door Entry device is simple to install. There is no control cabling or batteries and occupants can retain key entry.






The Atamate Water Apps will manage all aspects of both hot and cold water supply.

This includes metering, heating, secondary circulation, leak detection, legionella, pump control and maintenance reporting.




Water consumption by zone
Natural ventilation - Empiric



Natural Ventilation

Atamate control of dampers and windows  will provide natural ventilation of a building.

Controlled natural ventilation can be used to both provide healthy background air supply or passive cooling.

Atamate control can reduce the risk associated with opening and closing high level windows.





Dimmable, switched or RGB lamps Atamate will control them all. Turn on or off depending on occupancy, or create scenes with multiple circuits.

Increase security by linking to fire or security alarms. Reduce energy consumption with weather compensated lighting control.

Lighting can be controlled from traditional light switches, using the Atamate Haze or the online user interface.


Lighting Phone UI-2
Shading UI-1



Intelligent control of blinds, shutters or curtains.

Atamate Shading will reduce energy consumption and prevent overheating in buildings.

Automated shading increases both comfort and security using scheduled closing and opening of blinds, shutters or curtains. It will also allow for safe control of hard to reach shading.


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