Purpose Built Student Accommodation

Reduce energy costs

Manage electric heating to reduce capital and operating costs.

Improve Building performance 

Surface data to manage building performance. Protect assets and manage maintenance

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide comfortable appropriate accommodation and increase ROI

Achieve ESG goals

Measure sustainability and wellbeing across your estate

Atamate's platform for buildings atBOS gives PBSA clients the sophistication of control that BMS offers, but with simple installation and ease of use, all at a competitive price.

All building data sits on the atBOS platform allowing for simple interoperability across complex systems. Performance data is surfaced providing maintenance information as well as management data analysis.

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How Atamate can help

  • Reduce energy costs in buildings with electric heating 
  • Monitoring & metering data surfacing
  • Improve customer satisfaction - providing rooms and flats that retain students
  • Improve your competitive advantage - universities are proactively moving towards more eco portfolios
  • Healthy buildings particularly post COVID are a priority for tenants and ESG stakeholders
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Reduce energy

Improve sustainability, reduce costs, improve comfort

Pain points;

  • Need to improve sustainability
  • Need to reduce costs
  • Need to report data for ESG purposes
  • Need to collect data to analyse and improve to measure success of initiative
atBOs can:
  • run heating and ventilation on occupancy immediately reducing cost

  • provide a route to electrification while keeping bills stable

  • install an affordable wireless data collection and control system into new or existing buildings

  • provide high quality metering and performance data for one property or the whole portfolio


Metering and monitoring

Don't just collect data, use it

Pain points;

  • Need to report data for ESG purposes
  • Need to collect data to analyse and improve to measure success of initiative
atBOs can:
  • collect data on one platform

  • surface metering data 

  • link into existing CAFM systems

  • provide building performance data

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Healthy buildings

80% of companies that took concrete actions on health saw an improvement to their earnings and shareholder returns (TRS).


Pain points:

  • Need to optimisation facilities management - increase energy efficiency, enhance HVAC performance, optimise space , need better sustainability credentials

  • Occupant heath - need to improved indoor environment, tenant retention

atBOS will achieve:

  • Environmental monitoring

  • HVAC optimisation

  • Occupant engagement

  • Lighting optimisation

  • Data reporting and management.

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