Atamate Cloud Apps

Our Cloud Apps use data collected from the Devices or Control Apps to improve performance of the building.

Information and data from the Cloud Apps can be viewed on the atBOS interface, or exported as an open file format to a third party system as required.



Analysis is central to the power of an atBOS system. It processes all historical data from a building or number of buildings to provide insights into building performance. Charts and reports can be created and used to demonstrate how the building is running, how to achieve improvements or to demonstrate regulatory compliance. 




Analysis - Cloud
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atBOS Responses provide a flexible tool to allow bespoke controls to be applied to any data source or device in the building. Based on widely used Blockly ™  software, atBOS Responses empowers non-programmers to develop powerful control algorithms.








These are powerful algorithms that detect failure in building systems in real time and surface these for building managers and owners eg: power failures, lamp failures or filters need changing.




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Message Me

Notify your team of issues raised from atBOS Response or atBOS Alerts. Message Me will contact you or a member of your team about any issue across the building.


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