Joe Miles-1

Joe Miles - B.Eng., C.Eng 

Founder and Project Director

“I believe buildings should be better. They should be easier to use, consume less energy, be more healthy, comfortable and secure. They should be cheaper to build and run. I have built businesses that develop, build, sell and rent homes, offices and shops. I know we can do better. Atamate is my vision of how we achieve this future.”

Joe drives technology development at Atmate which combined with his experience of property development means he is uniquely placed to provide strategic deployment of a technology platform which assists companies reach their goals as economically as possible.

Hugh Miles - MA (Cantab) 

Chief Technical Officer

“I have worked in software engineering for four decades. My experience spans such diverse fields as finance, pharmaceuticals, opinion polling, legal and engineering. Atamate represents a return to my roots in engineering, instrumentation and control systems. The system is a tightly integrated combination of hardware and software in which the real world and the software systems must harmonise.”

Hugh is a CTO of Atamate and manages the technical architecture of our product whilst directing a team of software developers in the continual production of new technology.

Hugh Miles
Dan Cash

Dan Cash - MA (Cantab) CEng MCIBSE 

Director of Research and Consulting

“My key interest is realising buildings that work. This means a number of things, firstly minimising the number of systems a building requires through the development of an environmental strategy. Secondly the systems designed should be simple, both to install and to maintain. Finally, control systems should be clear to users and adaptable in order to allow the operation of systems to be optimised to suit the way the occupants actually use the buildings and not restricted to design assumptions.”

Dan has extensive experience in the design of building services for low energy buildings both new build and as refurbishments. He brings this experience to bear in the interpretation of the data that the platform generates.

Ed Hinds - BSc, MSc, MIET  

Chief Operations Officer

“Most buildings are being built with building services the same as they were in 1940. Since then we have developed computers and technology beyond the dreams of that era. I believe we can do much better to reduce energy and thus cost and also to be better for the environment.“

Ed trained as an electronics engineer and spent his early career building products for other people. I also invested in property and decided to combine these interests to help develop a product that manages buildings more efficiently and with reduced environmental impact. 

Ed is an expert in electronics hardware design and integration. He is a firm believer in ‘neat simple solutions’ and tries to design out complexity, especially for the user, whenever possible.

Ed Hinds
Helen Peach

Helen Peach - BSc, CIM Dip  

Marketing Director

“Change is possible. When we are free to imagine how things can be done better when looked at from a different perspective, real change is made. Our built environment has remained largely unchanged for decades, and is having far too much of an impact on our natural world. If we can learn to think differently, we find that there are solutions available that do not add to the problem, but help to solve it. Atamate is one of these solutions”  

Helen is highly experienced in developing and deploying profitable communication and marketing strategies within large and SME businesses.  

Nick Towers - MA (Cantab)  

Business Development

“If you don’t measure, you cannot manage.  Knowing precisely what is happening in a building allows you not only to control it effectively and efficiently, but also enables an understanding of how to make improvements, which is vital in the drive towards a net zero carbon world. Data is absolutely the key - I believe all buildings need to collect dynamic data and use this to improve the experience of occupants, building managers, owners, as well as protecting the buildings themselves. Data is at the heart of Atamate technology, which is a fundamental reason I am so excited to be involved.”

Nick started his career in control and electronics engineering, before moving to the IT sector where he worked in sales and business development for software and service companies.  He has also managed office and residential property businesses.

Nick Towers

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