The most affordable building platform


Reduce cost at both installation and throughout life of the buildings


Reduce capital costs

  • atBOS systems are installed by an electrician so no need for specialist BMS or other subcontractor
  • atBOS is pre-programmed before installation on site - no coding or specialist engineers are required
  • No control cabling needed - all data connectivity is done wireless
  • Appropriate for both retrofit and new build properties
  • Our devices are designed to be as small as possible to ensure a minimal footprint in building
  • Affordable hardware - devices and components are shared by the software and wiring is kept to a minimum.


Reduce operating costs

  • atBOS links energy consumption to occupancy and air quality providing typical savings of 30%
  • Provision of real time information reduces maintenance costs. This moves emergency call outs to routine and can remove some routine call outs all together! 
  • Our comprehensive collection of building data enables optimised building performance
  • Exception reporting reduces the risk of building failure (eg flooding) protecting assets
  • Metering data is made available in real time for clearer more accurate invoicing
  • Reduce utility costs with better usage data and load management.


Simple to install, live with and maintain


Simple installation

  • As Atamate uses a wireless protocol, only power is needed for our devices. Therefore, there is no requirement for specialist subcontractors
  • No need to run extra cable and no need for data cabling reducing site time and cost
  • Atamate wiring diagrams and site support provided to all clients.

Simple to live with

  • One single platform where all building services are integrated system together
  • Occupants can use standard switches eg rockers and boost buttons to control lighting & heating so there is no need to learn a new way of controlling the building  
  • Intuitive settings pages for building owners and managers

Simple to maintain

  • Building data can be historic, current or predictive.
  • Atamate will identify faults using Alerts 
  • Immediate notifications to owner or operatives use our Message Me service
  • Early detection of issues can often be resolved prior to becoming emergency
  • Protect building stock with early warning of issues (eg elevated humidity)

Single Platform

Holistic control and data collection across one or multiple buildings



  • Control all building services in your building or portfolio on a single platform
  • Data shared across all devices (occupancy is used to control lighting and climate)
  • Automatic integration of different systems eg heating is not on when a/c is on, or windows are open

Simple interfaces

  • View all data from single building, or compare a portfolio of buildings
  • Dashboards that pull together data from multiple sources giving you a 'single pane of glass'
  • Control of services for end users or occupants is achieved using wall switches or the web based interface
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