The Atamate Overview

Atamate’s core product is atBOS, ‘Atamate Building Operating System’.

It encompasses three main elements:

  • Devices
  • Control Apps
  • Data Apps.

atBOS allows the smooth movement of data between these elements and provides the platform on which both Control and Data apps sit.

The atBOS architecture:



atBOS Devices

atBOS Devices broadly fit into 3 groups; 

  • Sensors collect data in and around buildings, almost any sensor can be incorporated on to atBOS. 
  • Actuators control services in the building. 
  • Gateways allow communication between different protocols.

atBOS Devices communicate using wireless mesh this allows secure, high bandwidth, reliable communication. The open wireless standards mean that atBOS can communicate with a growing number of products coming onto the market as well as other technology such as mobile phones and computers. atBOS devices only need a power supply so are easy to retrofit into existing buildings.

A wireless to Ethernet gateway is used to join the mesh network with atBOS Hub and the internet.


atBOS Control Apps

One or more computers are installed in every building, these are called atBOS Hubs. In IOT (internet of things terminology) these are called 'edge computers'.
The key functions of the atBOS Hub are:
  • communicate with the devices
  • run the atBOS Control Apps
  • upload data to the atBOS cloud
  • local access to user via web enabled devices
The atBOS Control Apps necessary to run the building including HVAC, Entry, Lighting, Natural Ventilation and Shading. By running all Control Apps locally ensures the building will function even if the internet is disconnected.

atBOS Data Apps

All data collected or generated by the Hub is uploaded to the atBOS Cloud for further processing.

atBOS runs a number of algorithms to extract relevant information from the data collected. This data can be shared in real time, such as intruder or maintenance information, or batched to provide historic information on how the building has been used.

Remote access through the Cloud permits the monitoring and control of your systems from any web connected device inside or outside the building.


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