Atamate Devices

Atamate manufacture our own devices, but third party hardware is easily integrated into an Atamate system giving ultimate flexibility. 

Devices include;

  • Sensors - these collect information from rooms or devices.
  • Relays - allow the control of a current to a device (eg turn on a light).
  • Gateways - allow Atamate to interface with more complex devices, including communication with existing building industry protocols such as Modbus, DMX and BacNet.

Atamate uses wireless mesh as the wireless protocol for the system. This mesh allows every wireless node to relay messages as well as to send and receive them, minimising the system's power requirement. The 2Mbit/s bandwidth is substantially greater than the 250kbit/s offered by Z-wave and Zigbee.

As all the devices sit on one platform: each can communicate with the others. This level of interoperability gives holistic control with data seamlessly being passed around the system.



What makes Atamate different?


An Atamate system is designed to include as few physical devices as possible - the Mesh-3 ceiling unit includes a sensor array, wireless processor and 2 relays. Having fewer devices lowers the cost of an Atamate system dramatically.

The industry standard protocol we use is inherently secure, with encryption and security key requirements. It is an open standard owned by no one organisation, ensuring that Atamate has full control over the privacy of devices installed.

Using power from existing circuits where possible and energy harvesting devices where applicable, Atamate have produced a building management system that is truly retrofittable.

Atamate Devices


Discrete device incorporating sensors and relay control

HUB 500

Local edge computer for medium/large installations

HUB 100

Small but powerful local edge computer


Gateway between ethernet and wireless mesh


Remote wireless mesh relay unit including 2 relays 


Mesh processor board with 2x AUX connector & 1 relay


Door access controller available with or without keypad


Small Hub computer that includes a 7 inch touchscreen


Terminal unit control of fan, heating and cooling

Warranty Information

Atamate devices are all shipped with a 2 year limited standard warranty. If the device is damaged or defective within this period, Atamate will repair or replace it within a reasonable time.

All non-Atamate products or non-Atamate branded peripherals external to the Atamate devices are provided “AS IS” without the Atamate warranty. However, non-Atamate manufacturers and suppliers, may provide their own warranties directly.

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